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KOK - Push Me To The Floor

Push Me To The Floor


KAK. A succinct promise of what this product does. Why do the Parlotones make it so easy for us? Apart from the obvious tastelessness of a South African boy band lending their brand to a wine label, the name “Push Me To The Floor” aptly conjures images of Mzansi’s double-pronged issues of alcohol abuse and violence against women and children. Maybe they’re being subversive? Alas, this is merchandising not a public service announcement.

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  1. Henno Kruger says:

    Holy crap, What level of lowness do these guys need to reach? Goeie fok

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  2. Darrel says:

    Wow, it only took you guys two years to discover the wine and churn out some of the most slow-witted and unimaginative sneering outside of a, well, a Mahala comments page. Slow news day, boys?

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  3. RickRoss says:

    I’m more a fan of Giant Mistake, personally…

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  4. Andy says:

    Darrel, you called it. However, our door is always left slightly ajar for some of your quick wit…

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  5. Syngyn Smythe says:

    not worth the cyberspace to comment on this one…..well maybe a little, it’s what I’d expect from the parliphonies. Mindless and tasteless commercial mediocrity. Done

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  6. Anonymous says:

    haters gonna hate

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