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Psychedelic Bergies

Psychedelic Bergie



Begging on the side of the road is a kak way to scrape some money together, but flashing a rad psychedelic sign that makes being “destitute” look like it’s a gay-lifestyle choice, is a brilliant way to get attention and display your heritage as a son of the 60s. I’d give this guy the R10.


If the medium is the message then this guy isn’t going to get much cash off his latest sign. Making DESTITUTE look like a club night hosted by a Die Antwoord side project is probably not the best way to inspire people to hand over small change, unless of course you’re going for the valuable design students from DUT market.

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  1. Lisa Bee says:

    i know this dude……every morning he sits on berea road drinking a bottle of something in a brown paper packet. now you know where your R10 is going to.

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  2. Lungi says:

    Why is the guy given R10.00 if he’s misusing the money?

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  3. snapper says:

    if i had to stand on the road begging all day I’d also be drinking before work.

    i often give this guy change because i enjoy his attitude – he doesnt simper or try to play on your pity or guilt. he smiles whether or not you give him anything and he adds some colour to my day.

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  4. snapper says:

    although i personally prefer the glitter dolphins

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  5. Lisa Bee says:

    He smiles because he has been drinking all day. There are orphanages or homeless shelters who could use that R10 on something more developmental and significant than a bottle of cane.

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  6. snapper says:

    buddha and a devotee were walking along the beach when they came across hundreds of washed up star fish. as they walked, buddha picked up one and threw it back into the ocean. the devotee asked, considering the many hundreds left dying on the beach, what difference does it make? buddha replied: it makes a difference to that one.

    i always find it interesting how we all pay lip service to bowing out of the cycle of material-lust and ambition, but still look down on people who find happiness in simple things. maybe a morning buzz doesn’t do it for you, but it obviously works for him.

    ps please show me an organisation who can make someone happy for a day on r10

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  7. doxology says:

    maybe you can give without the drunk buzz, you know there are other things that make homeless people happy. food. clothes. its crazy throwing food away. money is not everything.

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  8. arnaud says:

    My heart goes out to this man. Someone get him some more paint and board and brushes and a nice coat for winter.

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  9. dominique guest says:

    i see this guy almost everyday on th sam road…and i think he’s awesme…alwys give hiim spare cash if ic an!!

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  10. Anonymous says:

    put yourself in this situation, i’d drink the pain away too

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  11. Titko says:

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