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Poor is Illegal



Cultures collide on the street poles of Johannesburg. Self-proclaimed urban space vigilante Nick Human is waging a very First World campaign against “the proliferation of large scale illegal outdoor advertising campaigns”. So incensed is the Saxonwold and Parkwood Resident and Ratepayers’ Association member at this “environmental and traffic safety” issue that he has taken it upon himself to plaster big orange stickers on offending billboards and posters all over Joburg’s Northern Suburbs. And while we’re all for some anal plonker running around confronting “illegal large scale [corporate] advertising campaigns” we think that targeting informal, grass roots entrepreneurs just trying to advertise their services is both anti poor and shows incredible insensitivity to the socio-reality of the majority of South Africans. It’s incendiary. Nothing quite highlights the gap between Mr Human’s cloistered and entitled suburban mentality and the reality of thousands of South Africans than that big orange illegal sticker obscuring some erstwhile building entrepreneur’s contact details. We suggest that Mr Human take his wanky, urbane little campaign to the streets of Perth ASAP. Muppet!

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