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Poes Rentals

by Petra Mason / 23.03.2011

KIF. Poes Rentals comin’ straight outta South Beach, Miami Florida. Maybe the global Die Antwoord-inspired Zef craze is much bigger than we initially thought. Then again, we quite like the idea of being able to rent a poes by the hour, and we’re not talking misogynistic references about lady bits here, imagine paying some Ninja-wannabe to represent your bad attitude at business meetings. And don’t even get us started on the untapped possibilities of Poes Hardware…

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  1. www.askjuju.co.za says:

    As the black diamond we were thinking that the new Beemer would be a good way to raise the profile, and we thought that maybe a diesel model would be a fine way to keep it real with the Afrikaaner farming buddies that the Helen Zilles do not understand why we are friends with. So we almost signed for the new 530d, but then my bra drank one too many of the Heinekens, looked at the label upside down and said, “Eish, what kind of man would drive a car with this name?!!”

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  2. dwight says:

    big project at NASA…


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  3. ViC says:

    Dis nou sommer POES

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  4. Vanilla Ice says:

    Do you know that Vanilla Ice lives in Miami?

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  5. Zef Leopard says:

    Pfs.. Vanilla Ice is KAK. Kos he skims he’s so kool with his 80s look. My sister’s poedle has a better afro cap. Woof Woof baby.

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