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Non Yellow Line Drivers


Poes kak! Truck owners who won’t let their drivers use the yellow line. I mean your fucking vehicles require two lanes to turn, so you’re asking for courtesy and understanding from other road users, but you’re unwilling to do the same in return. Put that load on a train, free up the road for people in cars and go out of busines you filthy, rotten fucks!

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  1. Safe my Mate says:

    The yellow lane is there for safety in case one has to swerve out for an obstacle. You can’t do that if there is a truck in it. And in South Africa, the side of the road is full of pedestrians and if one (or a cow, or a goat) suddenly appears, the truck has to run them over or swerve back into the road, probably while some speed freak is trying to overtake. Just leave home earlier and wait till it is safe to overtake on the oncoming lane.

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  2. Andy says:

    No, the only other option is that most of the truckloads get put on a train. They should use their discretion and pull over when they can, to help other motorists overtake. Many do. And I salute them and encourage them to keep on doing it. But this panacea, this over-arching “rule” that they must never use the yellow line is just balls and it makes the roads even more unsafe, because all these trucks get all these irate car drivers up their asses looking for an opportunity to overtake… Either that and we make like France where trucks aren’t allowed on the highways at certain times and on weekends.

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  3. Safe my Mate says:

    It’s not a “rule”, it is the law.

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  4. Safe my Mate says:

    But then again, who cares about that?

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  5. Andy says:

    Safe, how many trucks do you own…

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  6. Chloe says:

    *cringe* had to be someone from Maritzburg hey? There’s no hope for us M’Burgers!!

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