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Adriaan Bergh

Next Level Kak

by Creepy Steve / 31.01.2012

KAK. No stop! Wait for a minute before we criticize this guy remember he’s rapping in his second language. Some compassion please it’s like a blind person trying to tie their shoe laces.

Adriaan Bergh

And remember this?

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  1. Troll Hunter says:

    The blind comment is Kak

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  2. nrvs says:

    The joke’s on us, guys!
    There’s no way this marvelously abbed fucker is taking himself THIS seriously.
    Surely he’s just fucking with us!

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  3. FML says:

    What the hell is this? Hope this guy gets sucker punched in the face..

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  4. Anonymous says:

    it was all in good fun, just to promote a competition, never meant to be taken seriously

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  5. Check my abs says:

    Jack Parow/Die Antwoord/Vanilla Ice

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  6. We're slow says:

    Parow Parody

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  7. Anonymous says:

    article kif, oke kak

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  8. Happy says:

    What a boy’tjie! He sure is making his 15 minutes count.

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  9. boy says:

    ‘keep getting emails from all the females’?!

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  10. Molly Wolly says:

    O jissis hierdie ou kort ‘n POESKLAP!

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  11. cnut says:

    Fark me I thought that last video was a piss-take!

    We can’t all have brains ‘and’ good-looks…

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  12. Musician says:

    Sounds like everyone commenting is always the talking but never getting down to doing anything about their dreams..how’s about trying for a change

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  13. Twincam Sam says:

    only way to sort this out…. FIST FIGHT BETWEEN CAPTAIN ABS and JACKPAROW

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  14. Twincam Sam says:

    whats this POES’s name BTW?

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