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KAK. Piggybacking on politcs to peddle your grilled chicken under the guise of “being outspoken”. Let’s pretend for a moment that the idea wasn’t “sooo first base”. Would have made for a more interesting “political” statement if you’d blacked out the “information” at the bottom that punts your product. Grrrr.

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  1. noonoo says:

    I don’t think it’s necessary to get all philosophical about it. It’s relevant and current enough for everyone to understand and even if your not buying a piece of chicken after the add, it’ll still bring a grin to your face

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  2. Ubuntu Bob says:

    Totally agree… I loved it until I read the shit at the end. Completely undermined the whole thing.

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  3. Andy says:

    this is not philosophy. This is SPARTA

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  4. noonoo says:

    An add is still an add and has to sell a product even though the stuff at the end is lame

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  5. 'sad onn says:

    Nando’s has dropped the ball on this one. It could have been very funny, hard hitting and still relevant AND sell the product – just needed a bit of balls (remember when Nando’s ads were like this?) and some small tweaks to the product punt at the bottom. Blacking out most of the bottom message to reveal just something like “*********** buy ****************** our **************************** chicken” would strike the right tone imho and come across as a lot less smarmy and spineless. Wonder where the nerve failed, client-side or agency?

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  6. ThatAwkwardMoment says:

    When Nandoes fails

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  7. Matt says:

    Their ads are still way better than any other chain out there. Don’t hate on nandos.

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  8. Reggaemylitis says:

    Oh get a sense of humour Mahala!

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  9. chicken says:

    ya if nando’s had been handing out snacks to the black tuesday protesters maybe….

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  10. egg on face says:

    lets see who’s grinning when people start getting locked up ,sense of humour??fuck off

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