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ANC Valentines Day

My Revolutionary Valentine



What the hell happened to our tried and tested revolutionary movement? Using Soweto TV “star” and FHM bootie model Lerato Kganyago to spearhead the drive for a non racist, non sexist equalitarian society is a new low. But perhaps an honest reflection of the ruling party’s zeitgeist. Throwing an “all white” pre-Valentine’s Day party and urging people to “dress white” is just funny given our overtly politicised and violent racial history. Funny in a Freudian, Beavis and Butthead heh heh heh, they said “all white” and they weren’t being ironic kind of way.

If you hadn’t noticed, times have changed.

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  1. JD says:

    Camp chairs and blanket? At a party? Ok then…

    Throwing a party with a half-naked model, food and drink – an initiative?

    She’s not even wearing white!

    Besides from all that, it’s the grammer that kills me… ” Bruno,” Gosh

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  2. shame luvie says:

    did it go through ? wasn’t this supposed to be boycotted? i saw a whole “movement” that was against this party on facebook…

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  3. reyals says:

    who cares?

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  4. 51F150 says:

    Slip like Freudian, your first and last step to playin yourself like’n accordion -MF Doom

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  5. Our own Egypt. says:

    How the mighty have fallen. A lame remix of all sorts of stuff via the media with a little P.Diddy circa late 90s “White Party in the Hamptons” thrown in and some bad txt spelling. And now we have our home grown and dysfunctional Egypt in Ermelo with disasterous results. Time to take action and create a real opposition. Or it’s ANC fo’ sho’ foreva.

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  6. LukeSkyCrawler says:

    A history of the people swept under a reconciliary carpet , so now we boast of a legitimate black master while we remain the ever marginalised puppets ….

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  7. ling-ling says:

    who the fuck is their Agency. bad bad. like vomit.

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  8. Nathan Casey says:

    Can something be kiff and kak at the same time?

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  9. Anonymous says:

    the youth is getting proactive and appealing to the youth.
    aside from the colour scheme, this looks like 80% of the flyers pasted under my windscreen wipers every time i leave anywhere.

    how dare they try stay relevant.

    you know this was organised by someone as young as those they are targetting, right?

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  10. tj087 says:

    This is the kind of thing that gives the movement a bad name, is this what the new ANC looks like? No discipline or politics at all. Ag sies man!

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  11. mega-douche says:

    i imagine the only reason this was organised, was because it’s a push for a ward that’s in the ‘previously pale’ suburbs. Bring you buddies, register them in the ward and get the ballot cooking come the big day? Tjop & a dop, with a bit of bootie… i’m there!

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  12. Kirsten says:

    Umm….. Ya…… ok……

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  13. Black Panther says:

    Where is her Afro? What’s up with the hair relaxer / extension / white chick hair do?

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