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KIF. Not a store owned by Mehboob, the beloved,  but rather a store of Mehboobs. And what is a Meh Boob you may ask…. . Is this a shop that sells average, older, more boring boobs? Boobs that are kinda past their sell-by-date in a hard to please post-hipster disinterested apathetic kind of way, liciting the response, “meh boobs” Or is this a shop that sells other more interesting things specifically for those who now think boobs are meh?

After a bit of research we learnt that the Arabic name Mehboob means “Beloved” or “Favourite” and therefore Mehboobs is a shop for those who adore boobs. Hooray for boobies.

*Image © Anwar Mcwhite.

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  1. ad monish says:

    Mehboob is a traditional Islamic name that goes back centuries. Have some fucking respect. No wonder they think you hate them.

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  2. LukeSkyCrawler says:

    Who gives a twit what it means … Awesome piece of writing , nice word play ,, loosen up little suicide bomber …

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  3. Lizzy says:

    reminds me of raboobies corner in durban.

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  4. mega-douche says:

    @ad monish… dude, seriously? ‘Dick’ is also a traditional wasp name, but we can all laugh (disrespectfully) at such a handle, and yet all the while get on with life itself.

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  5. maveja says:

    yes mr mc white that is the shit homey, and you moonesh just ease up a bit life is to short for you to be always serious, go play in front of a busy high way if you can’t handle this……

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