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Meet Jesus


KIF. Somewhere near East London there is a church where you can actually meet Jesus every Sunday. Thereby eliminating the need for faith, thereby actually destroying the entire precept of Christianity. This is either a) A deeply atheist sign; b) The road to just another hippy in a kaftan trying to make a buck or c) Evidence that someone, in the vigour of faith, has succumbed to a bit of hyperbole.

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  1. warwick harris says:

    TOTALLY BRILLIANT! so clever… innovative mind and eye… well captured…

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  2. warwick harris says:

    did you meet him? 😉

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  3. Genny says:

    Jesus saves

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  4. warwick harris says:

    thatz why i asked if the photographer has met him? i have… i couldn’t live without God… xox

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  5. rycooder says:

    I haven’t met him, but I read about him in the bible. Turns out he’s a bit of a dick. But who knows, maybe he’s more likeable in person. Like R. Kelly.

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  6. Kevin says:

    (Oxford dictionary definition) meet
    • verb (past and past part. met) 1 come together with at the same place and time. 2 see or be introduced to for the first time. 3 come into contact with; touch or join. 4 encounter (a situation). 5 (meet with) receive (a reaction). 6 fulfil or satisfy (a requirement).

    Well Christianity is different to any other religion, it’s a relationship , not just a faith. You have focused on just one of the many meanings of the word ‘meet’ in trying to be clever or funny? But it’s not clever, maybe a little funny, more narrow minded. Why subscribe to any religion at all if you don’t, “come into contact”, “encounter”, “receive”, “fulfil or satisfy”, “meet” a higher being?

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