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Lekker Warm Worsies

Lekker Warm Worsies


KAK. It’s not the freaky cartoon of the smiling bright red sausage (obviously made up of an assortment of “superior” lips, udders, anuses and gall bladders, known “euphemistically” as a Russian), because that’s quite KIF in a Suid Afrikaanse Liewe Heksie child’s nightmare kind of way. But it’s the fact that they’re “always in stock” which just makes us wonder. Are they making these things in the basement?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    yeah… so its kak signage, what of it? nothing new in this country. hardly worth blogging about, you seriously had nothing better to do than to rip on the corner butchery? boring. and kak on your part…

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  2. C. Moon says:

    Hangover chow of note, packed to capacity with all thats bad for ya. Endearingly a part of humanity that leaves NOTHING to waste…

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  3. Champanzee says:

    A bit of cat and crocodile never hurt nobody. As long as it tastes remotely like chicken (or children) you’re good to roll.

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  4. Andy says:

    jeez anonymous you’re such a paragon of taste and excellence. Sorry that you had to come here, get the wrong idea, and be disappointed. A state I’m sure you’re used to by now. It’s actually KIF signage, you bile spewing nullity. Thanks for sharing your KAK world view.

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  5. Lizzy says:

    does nobody see the appeal of a strategically placed ‘warme worsie’? what with wellingtons day i thought that was the point at first, but nobodies minds are sharing my gutter… oh well.

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  6. Hugh says:

    This is an amazing sign. The illusion that the ‘worsie’ is leaning against the wall like a cool kid is what makes it so appealing. He is just casually promoting the cooking of his fellow sausage.
    The three haired comb over just adds to the creepiness.

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  7. Herman Lategan says:

    Ha ha ha ha…

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Two words…High tops

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  9. Andy says:

    If i was a sausage that’s what I’d look like.

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  10. that guy says:

    this page seems entirely devoted to kaking everything that is non-boer and kiffing everything that is just a thought

    so is this page kif or kak its just shit

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