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Laduma Piss

Laduma Piss

by Jon Monsoon / 13.05.2010


It’s fun! It’s functional! It’s green apple scented! It seems that no area of sanctity is sacred as the world’s biggest game of men and their balls descends upon our fair land. Latest evidence of the impending insanity comes in the form of the soccer-themed “urinal screen”. The company peddling these dubious items of urninary joy boasts about their product’s “highly flexible” composition, enabling it to “mold to the shape of any urinal, including waterless urinals!” “The scented green urinal screen has 30 days of built-in deodorant protection, releasing a pleasant green apple scent” warbles the sales blurb. Not to mention the literal seconds of one-sided drunken fun you can have “aiming” the ball into the back net. (points off for dribbling.)

Hand ball, anyone?

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  1. RiaanP says:

    Would have been better if the ball was not attached to the net and you could actually chase it around the urinal! Yeah!

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  2. jon monsoon says:

    well,, the ball is attached to a little piece of string, hanging from the net, so you can actually “chase it around” a wee bit. (But the splashback from the net is a bit of a hazard so you want to kinda aim your action a bit….) I’m just saying…

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  3. RiaanP says:

    “Chase it around a WEE bit” Pun intended? har har har. 😀
    good fun

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  4. sd3000 says:

    The idea is quite old. I saw it around 2000 by some brand overseas.

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  5. jon monsoon says:

    Thanks sd3000. good to know it’s old – overseas. here it’s brand new, which makes it a novelty, if that’s cool with you?

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  6. sd3000 says:

    @jon monsoon Was just an observation. No need to get pissy about it.

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  7. mike says:

    bafana players would still miss.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    great way to keep the gents cleaner. less piss all over the urinal and floor, more in the goal. it worked in other countries.
    I have also seen a picture of a fly screened onto the urinal making dudes aim at the fly.

    makes sense. not a new idea, but a good one.

    thus KIFF

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