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Kif or Kak?

by Nathan Zeno / 04.08.2009


Let it be known that I think this graf is pretty substandard. But what is Kif about it is that it’s on somebody’s wall and they’re fine with that (obviously, it’s been there untouched for weeks now). And that in itself is Kif. As municipalities crack down on urban art and promoting of non-government approved events we need people to stand up and reclaim their space, without infringing on others. And this is what is happening here. More power to you.

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  1. snapper says:

    Zeno – this wall has been graff’ed for a long time – it gets re-done every few months with new images. Obviously commissioned by the owner. I dont think the powers that be would dare to object to the owner’s use of his private propety. I dont know if its really reclaiming space if you had to buy it first? Reclaiming your space from the bank perhaps?

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  2. Nathan Zeno says:

    There are by-laws currently being put into effect all over this fair land that basically outlaw any graf on public facing walls. Walls like this may not be legal for too much longer. So maybe it’s just claiming space, but soon this space will need to be fought for.

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  3. urbanmosadi says:

    is this by houghton, louis botha way?

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  4. GPS says:

    Corner of Getamap and F*@ckoff…funniest line in a while…from the Hangover…but…moving on….corner of Problem Mkhize Rd (classy change from Cowey Rd) and Argyle (or something new)..Durban

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