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KIF_Chinese Wonder Cream

Kif or Kak?

by Dylan Muhlenberg / 03.08.2009


The thing about shtupping sluts is that, more often than not, they’re loose, dirty, riddled with disease, drier than Ghandi’s slop and not the type of woman you’d like to make a baby with. Still, even a slutty bird’s bush is worth more than both of your hands. So what’s a young man looking for love in all the wrong places supposed to do? Fret not, because a new Chinese wonder cream allows you to have your koek and eat it. Kills sperm, HIV, disinfects, lubricates and that last thing… Simply squeeze a dollop into the desired orifice and off you go…

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  1. Jones says:

    Not so into this…bit fail, really

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  2. djf says:

    No matter how much dark humour or irony the tone of this post may carry with it, the overriding spirit is one of entrenched misogyny. Where’s that editorial discretion we were discussing?

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  3. No!!! says:

    Kills HIV?????

    How can you even jokingly imply that there something will kill HIV that easily? Very irresponsible and STUPID of you.

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  4. I says:

    I fully agree with No!!!

    “Kills … HIV”.

    Hell of an irresponsible thing to be communicating to the South African public. I’m almost offended.

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  5. Andy says:

    let’s just write this one off to experience, then

    Although I suspect that most, if not all, of mahala’s readership would get the post Vice “high ironic” tone this was written in. So I don’t think people will believe that there’s a chinese aids cure on the market.

    But ja, got it on the misogyny, thanks

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  6. Natural Mystic says:

    You beter “screw the nice” why bother with some dirty slut with a wornout pussy. besides havent the chineese heard of microbecides before. besides that chink stuff must be acid based to kill HIV it will be like sticken ur vieanna down a steam pipe. So practice your A,B,C. IF not check out sme STI pics on the web, they bound to make SQRUTENISE.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    How do you pronounce “Aier”?

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  8. Mel Barnett says:

    ‘post-Vice high ironic tone’ – seriously, vomit. Let’s not even get started on that shoddy piece of wanna-be journalism

    I agree on the misogyny crit here, ironic or not, it’s actually not cool, mostly because people DO think like this. like how the article isn’t about screwing skanky ass men, just chicks.

    This is a major kak one. No apology for offence caused, just justification. Eish Andy…

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  9. yellowfellow says:

    i like how it says it “shrink cunt”

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