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KAK Steel Overkill

Kif or Kak?

by Travis Lyle / 22.06.2009

KAK! What have we done to deserve this?

Holy flaming shitburgers, Batman, but I believe we have reached a new pinnacle in bad taste. Stopped in my tracks like a newborn duiker in the blitzkrieg hunting spots of a Land Cruiser, I was bedazzled into next month. From the dazzlingly sterile plains of the stainless steel door panels to the unfinished symphony of the triumphant doorside pillars with their aerial roots hinting at further shininess yet to come, all was full of bling. Cosmonauts on the International Space Station have reported that when the planet is at just the right angle they can switch their bedside lights off and read by the reflection off this cacophony of bling. But wait – there’s more! Note the broekie-lace gazebo. Marvel at the sheer breathtaking audacity of faux-colonial style forced to make sweet love to this paean to the gods of sheet metal. Put my eyes out with a hive of angry Madagascan tiger hornets, for mine eyes have seen the glory of steel.

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  1. Fred The Red Dread says:

    Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezus, that’s fugly. Should be some kind of architectural police thats cruises the streets and fines these ouens. Yuck. Ruin my brekkie, why don’t you. Kakker than the Umgeni Water sewerage works.

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