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KAK_Addington Children's Hospital


by Travis Lyle / 10.06.2009


It stands there, amid the growing incongruity of ruined blocks of seaside holiday flats and the fresh features of uShaka and shiny, new People Mover bus stops that are manned by Enforce Security guards. Slowly and quietly crumbling away, the Addington Children’s Hospital is either a work of beauty with an honourable history, which has been pointedly ignored by the new mandarins of City Hall, among them Dr ‘Marxist Urban Planning’ Mike Sutcliffe, whose penthouse apartment overlooks the decaying South Beach hood, or it is a remnant of a redundant age, an anomaly which is relevant only to dinosaurs and historians. With figs in its ears and ferns in its throat, it gazes over the sighing sands, while Afrocon uses it as a temporary office for their road works. Restore or destroy? I guess it all depends on what you love and where your heart is at.

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  1. AV says:

    SA / present government is REALLY bad at maintaining or preserving anything of historical significance…why would this be any different?

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  2. mallix says:

    wow, if you on flickr could you post this to the Urbex::SA group?


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  3. Vanessa Cracknell says:

    A group of photographer freinds and I snuck into the building recently. We took a whole bunch of photos. Its sad to see such decay allowed to a building that has served so many over the years. At least our photos will be testament to the past, and show what was created. Even if it all in ruins and in major disrepair.

    To see my photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vanessacracknell/sets/72157622418307875/

    Perhaps the more exposure this beautiful old building gets now, as it is, the more it’s heritage and past can’t be ignored?

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  4. mallix says:

    More images and information on this hospital can be found here:


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  5. Riaan says:

    Anybody knows the detailed history of the childrens hospital and why it fell into disrepair and when?



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