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by Nathan Zeno / 30.05.2009

I can forgive the bad taste and the sloppy execution of the stone effect. Even the combo of thatched roof and yes, stone effect chimney are just within the bounds of socially acceptable. What I really want to know is what is Cheetah thinking? Plainly Lion is pissed off about something and Cheetah seems to be saying, “What! Don’t Look at me? See here, my hands are clean!”. Maybe Lion is pissed off because someone has stolen his paws? Because it’s quite obvious that the rest of both Lion and Cheetah’s bodies are around a corner of that medieval stone cave they each have. But the paws, who took Lion’s paws? Or maybe Lion is pissed that he can’t stop drooling, and Cheetah is amazed because he didn’t mean to levitate, it just happened? So many Mysteries. Next week we bring you another two panels from this wall of questions, featuring Penguin and Rhino.

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  1. Toast says:

    Ultimately, I think it’s a leopard.
    Yes, this is pretty kak. But so is tagging which I don’t understand cause it’s written all funny. Or tagging for the sake of it.
    But yes, a leopard.

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  2. Nathan Zeno says:

    What’s the difference between a Cheetah and a Leopard?
    No not a joke, I actually don’t know the answer.

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  3. Zee says:

    Dude thats funy!the way yu have put bubble speech on this
    It realy luks lyk Lion is pissed and Cheetah/Leopard is levitating.
    Tagging is kul if yu can see what is written

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  4. Raymond says:


    I have the same thing at some dude’s house down the road.
    He went o all this effort to paint the ugliest sunset with a wack of wild animals in the background.
    It seemed all in aid of selling the house.
    Which means he thought that by defacing his property he would actually get MORE money.
    He sold the place and the new owners promptly painted over the seriously classless wall.
    Only to again plaster over everything a few weeks later.

    Or even better.
    Maybe 1km down the road from that house is a guy who has built a massive rock enclosure around his braai area.
    Fiberglass rocks, poorly painted with a neon sign above the door saying BOLLIE.

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