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Kentucky Fried Parlotones

Kentucky Fried Parlotones



The Parlotones KFC Snack Box wouldn’t be so bad if they were actaully snack boxes made out of the deep fried flesh of the Parlotones. You know as long as it was stripped from their bodies while they were still alive.

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  1. un_derscore says:

    The lamest thing ever !!!!!

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  2. nandos for me says:

    2007/2008 I was holidaying in Kei Mouth over the December holidays and the Parlotones played there, but because it was R80 a ticket nobody watched them and just listened from the al-fresco bar next door – The Bushpig? Anyway, when they were done they left in a huff and I was walking back to my beach house when their tour Vito drove up towards a cattle gate, so because I was already there I opened it for them but that firecrotch (drummer?) still felt that he had to exit the vehicle, pull the gate out of my hand and without any courtesy told me that he had it under control.

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  3. al says:

    i personally think it is super kiff – crap band. crap food.
    how do you rise after being a kfc snackbox?

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  4. Graeme Swanepoel says:

    Parlotones. Using KFC to sell records.


    how low can you go

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  5. Malcolm says:

    do i get guyliner with my chicky meal now?

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  6. Andy says:

    Just wait for the Parlotones Maybelline promotion

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  7. A says:

    They also have a deal with some computer co.where they apear in the ad – big billboard inside the JHB airport and they have a wine called ‘a giant mistake’ i see more of a link with music and wine than fuckn ken-fucky-chickn.

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  8. Skip says:

    HAHA! They have a doos named after them. Apt!

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  9. bleet bleet says:

    I think it is brilliant that they get millions of rands from whoever wants to give it.

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  10. definition says:

    if you look in the dictionary under “sell-out”, you might see this picture…

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  11. Br says:


    You might like this.

    Thanks for the photo



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  12. […] One of the more conventional partnerships (in comparison to the rest of the list) saw the band team up with Kentucky Fried Chicken for a special meal box. […]

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