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Kak Graffiti

Kak Graffiti


KAK. Zealots are an unimaginative lot. How do you go and declare the glory of God by defacing a rock with a bottle of Tippex on Table Mountain? How about just turning around and just taking it all in.

*Image courtesy Anwar McWhite

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  1. substar says:

    Don’t know whether to vote it Kif or Kak :

    KIF = yes, I totally agree with you, KAK = f*ing eejits

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  2. Andy says:

    Ja… generally KIF it if you think we’re on target. Kak it if you think we’re full of it

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  3. Long Tall Sally says:

    Huh? I thought we were voting on whether the thing itself was kif or kak. I’ve been voting wrong this whole time. Besides, I can’t put a ‘kif’ anywhere near that shit… you’re totally spot-on, but I’m still saying KAK.

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  4. Andy says:

    Well Sally – it doesn’t really matter… the Kif or Kak Kif or Kaks are ambiguous…

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  5. Zef Leopard says:

    KAK… I mean, what would jesus do? Kief is “Elvis is Lord” written on the back of my Datsun.

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  6. Koorbloh says:

    Kak on both accounts, I see this everywhere in nature reserves, near rock art. What the fuck are you trying to prove?! Kak Kak Kak

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