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Ice Cold Beer

Ice Cold Beer


Kif. It was the hottest day of the year and a bunch of guys were stocking up at a certain bottle store for their bachelor-party weekend away. One guy cracked open a beer. Everyone else quickly followed suit. They didn’t ever make it to their destination… This serendipitous carousing is now an annual event, with the same group of guys getting together for drinks in the same fridge, something that has been going on for years now. The clincher? It’s an open party, and the founding fathers pay for all beer consumed (they even order pizza), you just need to be at the right bottle store on the right day.

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  1. Vincent says:

    That\’s quite cool. Hope i bump into u at the right bottle store on the right day at the right time. I also have my own annual event where i get 20 jack daniels for free.

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  2. nicjames says:

    Ahhh the Fridge Party.

    What a cracker of a day it was this year; on elections day.

    With the Afrikaner with the Bushy hair away this year I presume this photo was from last year…

    About as fun as Sissy Hankshaws Pangalactic GargleBlaster Tour!

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  3. Landi says:

    would`nt mind a fridge party 🙂 MAHALA

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