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Honest Water

Honest Water


KIF. Finally some honestly in bottled water marketing. Read the back of the label and it says: “obtained from a private or public water distribution system”. They’re selling you tap water, people, from a tap somewhere in Isando by the taste of it.

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  1. Petra Mason says:

    Look out for the documentary called FLOW – all about blue gold.

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  2. Anon says:

    Not all bottled water is ‘prepared’ or simply treated tap water. For a label to state “Natural Spring Water” the product has to be bottled at a natural spring source. There are quite hectic laws on what you can write on a label and companies are brought to book for false advertising.

    I’m not advocating bottled water at all. I’m all for home filters, drinking tap water etc. Just pointing out that there are regulations and there is some honesty in what certain other leading brands say.

    I’m not commenting from a completely objective position but it does mean that I am more informed and not just surmising.

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  3. e-nonny-mouse says:

    Um, did you think about photographing the part of the bottle which says “bottled from public/private water source” or whatever, instead of photographing the front and then writing what was so funny that we can’t see in the picture?

    slaps forehead

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  4. Roger Young says:

    I did, but my phone camera is crap.

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