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Hipster Jesus

Hipster Jesus



What Would Hipster Jesus Do? He would forgive you for the skinny jeans, the foppish hairstyle and your taste in generic new school South African indie rock. He’d keep an amazing blog and forgive you for wearing wayfarers without lenses, smoking Stuyvie blues, only having white friends and not getting a big enough chest tattoo. He’d ride a vintage Raleigh fixie. He’d also, invariably, be hot, black, female and into inaccessible vernac acoustic jazz hop that you will never enjoy, let alone understand.

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  1. vuyo seripe says:

    i wonder if it’s safe to forward this link to my christian colleaugue… imma give it a try.

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  2. dan says:

    another hipster runoff regurgitation. funny cov tho…
    I assume u guys get a lot of your hipster-bashing material from the the same source. like this, http://altreport.hipsterrunoff.com/2010/07/some-magazine-puts-an-effing-fixie-riding-hipster-on-the-cover-2-sell-copies.html

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  3. muerte says:

    Dan yes so fucking what is every site a pristine city on a hill untouched by other content sources jesus go outside for a bit you know walk around

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  4. Andy says:

    Hipster Runoff is actually a very lame website… too much hate not enough humour. It smacks of fratboy hipsters pretending not to be hipsters and to prove it hating on everything they would otherwise blog about. It’s so meta.

    This image is actually a scan from Brandon Edmond’s subscription copy of Chrstianity Today, which arrived late last week.

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  5. Kook says:

    Hipster Jesus reads a verson of the Bible that hasn’t even been printed yet

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  6. Lizzy says:

    this makes me want to read the article! oh and Brandon Edmonds subscribes to this? Interesting…

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  7. Andy says:

    Kook… he’s writing it and publishing excerpts on his blog and Facebook notes

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  8. brandon edmonds says:

    Stop talking shit Andy.

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  9. Twoly says:

    Hipsters suck because of there lack of hipness .swagger with no content, talk with the walk. Every jackass and his chomies are effen hipsters

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  10. TTT says:

    Hipster-jesus-hoody winked city slummers trying to vintage the present. fuck off!

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Hipsters. Jesus. Whats the difference? It is all shite.

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  12. Cliff Anderson says:

    To substantiate my preceding comment: They dress like tits, preach endlessly and are ultimately ostracised for not leaving us alone.


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