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Hardcore Tattoos

Hardcore Tattoos


KAK. Once upon a time tattoos were synonymous with rum, sodomy and the lash (to quote The Pogues). They pointed to hard lives on the rolling sea, arr, or in the criminal underground. Yakuza’s and the Hell’s Angels. But today, they’re as ubiquitous as earrings, everyone from gym instructors to 16 year old girls have them. Which makes tattoos almost entirely un-hardcore. Twirly trash stamps and little stars are the celtic patterns of the early noughties. And even if you don’t by the shtick about the ubiquity of tattoos, there’s really nothing hardcore about a tattoo shop in Parkhurst (especially one that’s next to a decor store).

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  1. Anon says:

    Bit of a silly post I think… The context behind each tattoo is different. The definition of the term hardcore is poor and secondly the reasoning about why tattoos are “almost enitrely un-hardcore” is not very strong. Miley Cyrus makes “music”… it doesn’t make all music bad. Same goes for tattoos.

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  2. elza says:

    The store was names after the owner – pepe
    If you know him you wil understand the hardcore connection.

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  3. tim says:

    i took off my shirt on a beach in california and and this hectic oke comes up to me and sais “no tatoos hey- u hardcore bro”

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  4. Andy says:

    I don’t know him. I don’t get it. It’s KAK

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  5. Anon says:

    Pepe owns this store?? Haha. Awesomeness.

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  6. Jane says:

    I’ve met the guy his a real twat ,sort of a sad no boddy. Nothing hardcore about a over sized goon full of tattos making a social ruckus every where he goes. The tattoo shop should be avoided at all costs and dear Pepe should be sent back to Russia where he belongs. Nothing hardcore about the poor man at all.

    I’ll give you that for MAHALA!

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Do you know what IS hardcore though? Poor spelling and grammar. Which would make ‘Jane’ and the Poster ridiculously hardcore. You go guys.

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