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Anat billboard

Guts on a Stick


KAK. Food advertising is supposed to make you hungry… Anat’s long standing M1 billboard fail.

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  1. Schwarma 4 life says:

    It looks exactly like the real-life spinning meat wheels of Lebanon. Schwarma has never been pretty.

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  2. Rob says:

    So siff!

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  3. bunny says:

    i hate this thing, but it’s always just opposite a hugo boss billboard with some poor nineteen year old girl with her inner thighs and booty on display…looking at the camera like an oversexed little girl constructed for men’s pleasure.

    i think it’s a necessary and beautiful juxtaposition.

    let’s keep it.

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  4. Simon says:

    Hectic, I dig the black sabbath inspired typography. nothing goes better together than metal and meat!

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  5. Rob says:

    We’re railing against Hugo Boss ads now? Whatever Women’s Studies. Take it down, it’s gross.

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  6. YellowElevator says:

    Looks delicious to me.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    and the one before looked like a revolving turd…this looks like cat throwup

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  8. mud-debunker says:

    ANAT makes some of the kiffest takeout chow around and, gross or not, this is a heartwarming landmark to those of us folk lucky enough to live in the near-Northern suburbds of Joburg

    And Bunny its a Guess ad – you lose credit if you cant get the facts right

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