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Allan Gray

Good Dog


KAK. Give us your money. Sit. Wait. We’ll take you for a walk when we’re fucken ready. If you’re lucky. Good dog! Way to go Allan Gray. In case you haven’t noticed the world’s finances are in the toilet and the word “banker” has become synonymous with “unscrupulous money-grubbing fuckwit”. And yet Allan Gray feel that it’s a good idea to compare their clients (and their life savings) with a servile dog begging to be taken for a walk? Great reading of the global political climate there fellas. But fuck me, on the flipside it offers a pretty unique insight into what big financial institutions actually think of us ‘little people’. Oh for silver linings.

Parp-parp! Is that a trumpet I hear at the walls of Jericho?

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  1. Its about loyalty then, they could have put Carl Marx in there as well for that matter. says:

    Sit, Roll-over , Play Dead.

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  2. Tom Robbins says:

    Yip it is a very long wait with Allan Gray after they went Big on Japan. Be patient dog, don’t worry your Japanese investment will be worthwhile in the 22nd Century.

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