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Giraffe Stadium, Mpumalanga

Giraffe Stadium


KIF! Check this thing out, it’s the brand spanking new 46 000 seat Mbombela stadium gracing the outskirts of Nelspruit in Mpumalanga. And check the design, the only of all the new 2010 World Cup Stadiums to be designed 100% by local architects. Better yet, this stadium is finished and klaar. Think about that, Mpumalanga finished their stadium on time. Wow. Check out the steel giraffes peering outwards from the ramparts, guarding the action. Some might call it kitsch, we just call it kif.

Mbombela Stadium Pitch

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  1. Jason says:

    zebra stripes are GO!

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  2. jk says:


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  3. Moose says:

    And what on earth is it going to be after the world cup?
    You need a very big city to fill a 46,000 seat stadium more than once a year.

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  4. Wark says:

    Rumour has it they’ll be used as prisons. As crime spiral out of control we’re running out of prison space so these conveniently double up. Either this or deport our prisoners to Australia. by the way Steel Giraffes are cool ! have you seen their video —>

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  5. Graeme Swanepoel says:

    Loving the contemporary giraffes!

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  6. Lebo M says:

    The stadium looks divene. the colours, design and stucture that compliment the wild life theme. way to go…. smart move SA

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  7. St Allan says:

    Moose and Wark, What would you have suggested be done? build a 10 000 seater for the world cup? or maybe you would have liked it if we didn’t host the tournament at all. For ur information, the stadiums have overflow sections, meaning they can be down-sized to reasonable sizes after the world cup and be extended when necessary.

    You need to do a bit of research before you make such dof comments

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  8. Cookie Nkambule says:

    I am proud of our exclusive stadium. Very artistic, typical of our KNP Province.
    We are displaying nature at its best, and ofcourse the one we are having and watching on daily basis. Ayoba our beautiful and scenic Province and its stadium.
    If you do not admire this beauty, then you need to go and see your Optometrist and Optician.
    We specialise in quality and not quantity.

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  9. Cookie Nkambule says:

    I need a response from my comments

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  10. HLULI KHOZA says:

    At first I didnt understand the Stadium but after I saw it closer i noticed that its Beautiful and represents what we are in MPUMALANGA. Who ever designed it, is Creative, i never thaught of the Stadium like that. MPUMALANGA A PIONEERING SPIRIT!!!!!!!!

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  11. Lunghani Elton Nkuna says:

    Im loving The Stadium , GO Mbombis

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  12. Anonymous says:

    Moose and Wark are ignorant people that dont look to the future, not only can these stadia host a soccer event they can also be utilised for future athletics and sporting events, these design where put in place for further expansion in mind should need arise to accomodate other sporting and Musical events.

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