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by Nathan Zeno / 20.11.2009


Years ago Fokof were a breath of fresh air and all that, they inspired a generation of disillusioned and rootless Afrikaaner kids, it was awesome. They told the world to fokof and they side stepped the Boer stereotype. Now, as evidenced above and at their billing at Sun City’s Spring Break, they are no longer telling the polisiekar to fokof. They have become the polisiekar. Let’s not blame the band here, lets blame the gutless, opportunistic cash in marketing people jumping on the Fokof bandwagon and steering it down the throat of the mainstream. In other news Hunter Kennedy’s band Die Heuwels Fantasties appears on 7de Laan this Friday night. By doing this they are basically becoming Chris Chameleon.

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  1. Lisa says:

    i ‘kif’ed this pretty much for this sentence alone: “By doing this they are basically becoming Chris Chameleon”

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  2. stirrer says:

    say what you want about the tenets of Chris Chameleon, but at least he doesn’t hide behind a pseudonym

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  3. Carol Reed says:

    I will go right ahead and presume that stirrer is not a pseudonym.

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  4. fokoF says:

    what infantile kak you bunch are blunting your teeth on!

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  5. Andy says:

    Ag fokoF that’s just name calling… defend your position

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  6. bb says:

    i say ‘kif’ and ‘kak’ at the very same time. yes, they have sold out and are a bit too hungry for fame etc. buuuuuuuut, on the other hand, they do deserve a hats off for making waves of change, no matter how narcissistic they’ve become. francois is not a nice guy, but he’s smart. grey area.

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  7. What? says:

    BB how can you say Francois is not a nice guy?

    You’ve obviously have never met him…

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  8. dylan says:

    Francois is the most street-greetable, nice, genuine person that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. And he’s famous. Nooit BB, you’re talking kuk boet.

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  9. Roger Young says:

    I don’t know about “nice guy” but call him a faggot in public and he’ll buy you tequila. Seriously, try it.

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  10. leigh says:

    the band never changed their name, the media censored the name at the time. this is a documentary about the band and the tsunami like waves it caused in music, society, media. the poster advertising the MOVIE, not the band, is ironic. not in the alanis sense but in the actual literary sense where the effect of the language used causes the intended meaning to be the opposite of what is stated. the movie deals with how ridiuclous and damaging censorship is. but then maybe im taking your kak and kif too seriously.

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  11. Nathan Zeno says:

    For one who tries to distinguish between Morrisettian Irony and Literal Irony, you seem to have a hard time spotting actual Irony.

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  12. leigh says:

    bless. are you saying now you actually GOT that this poster was for the movie and not that band? that you UNDERSTOOD that this poster has nothing to do with any marketing people trying to mainstream the message of the band? that you were wrong on purpose? thats quite an interesting claim.

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  13. Nathan Zeno says:

    OMG! You are, like Totes right. It’s a movie! I never spotted that. FOMCRONFLMAO! Which means the marketing people I was refering to are like, actually the FILM marketing people. Shit! I’m such a PEBCAK. So much of embarrassment right now.

    I presume that you were using “bless” sarcastically, because NO-ONE uses that phrase srsly anymore. Like totes srsly.

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  14. wow says:

    my god but nathan zeno is an idiot

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  15. emm says:

    Oh the Capitalism!!! fight it as you may, it will consume all your oppositions!

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  16. foiffroi says:


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