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Existential Hipsters

Existential Hipsters



The existential angst of Cape Town’s hipsters scrawled on the wall of the Waiting Room. Can we take this as an indication, a silver ray of hope, that when all this consumption bottoms out, people might actually start asking themselves what it’s really all about? KAK. Oh hang on… isn’t that a line from Fight Club that some humanities student in skinny jeans, a silly hat and a chest tattoo wrote on the wall to get the attention of that chick with the 80s perm. Eish.

© Image by Jonx Pillemer.

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  1. Roger Young says:

    Quoting Fight Club is so 2001

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  2. Jason says:


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  3. Anonymous says:

    Mahala is so 2010.

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  4. gonzo nowhere says:

    … ironically in a place called the waiting room.

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  5. snapper says:

    if it had been whitman, or fanon or whoever it would be fine, but fight club was just too damn popular to have anything worth passing on right?

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  6. Roger Young says:

    Anonymous is so 2009

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  7. Donald Paul says:

    It was a well-quoted piece of graffiti that some daring artists put inside on the of London Tube tunnels, so it rsuhed past you as the train left the station. That was in the 70s.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Your mom is so right now

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