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The manager said ‘to be frank, they could be planning something’. KAK!

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  1. Menzi says:

    Forget governments listening in on conversations, now managers of two-bit eateries also want in on the action. Bloody Norah!

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  2. Anonymous says:

    You live in Africa, learn a fucking African language!

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Where is this???

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  4. Gentleman Villain says:

    Looks like Olympia.

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  5. Jordan says:

    Kalk Bay Cafe, Cape Town

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  6. Ans says:

    Yup, Kalk Bay Cafe. I saw it too.

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  7. cnut says:

    Can’t read the Gluten Free recipe from here!

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  8. sibusiso says:

    This things happens everywhere,and sometimes disguised as art.

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  9. Fingazz says:

    WANKERS! How the fuck do people still get away with this shit? If everyone else can have the goddamned courtesy of learning English, the least you slack fucking arrogant snot nosed overprivileged white honky motherfuckers can do is learn an African launguage.

    WAKE UP!

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  10. Anonymous says:

    English is an African language!, it has been spoken on this part of the continent for hundreds of years. Get over the fact that African does not mean black any more than European means white these days, move with the times people. Still i do believe staff should be able to chat in whatever language they choose.

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  11. cavey says:


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  12. Helena Lovkis says:

    how arrogant of the management ! WTH 🙁

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  13. Anonymous says:

    The language of the message is not well executed but the message is justifiable.

    In coffee chains across the UK, for example, english is stipulated as being the language by which all staff must communicate, even though the chains are staffed and managed by Continentals, usually Spaniards and Italians, and patrons are from across over the world and not only English-speaking Britains.

    If the majority of the Olympic’s clientele are english-speaking, it’s justifiable to ask that the staff speak the same language. It alienates customers to have them being spoken about and referred to in another tongue.

    Having worked in restaurants in Cape Town as well, I know that staff air grievances about management and non-english speakers openly and brazenly (in Xhosa, in my past experience) which degrades company cohesion and fosters a subversive environment.

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  14. Anonymous says:


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  15. the only voice says:

    KAK…!!!!!Whoever who came with the bloody story is fucken racist and Im dead sure that its those afrikaners who are still full of shit in their red arses

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  16. Roger Young says:

    pass me a beer…

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