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Emo Spiderman

Emo Spiderman


KAK. Spiderman, the most emo of superheroes. You just know that on weekends, when he’s not fighting crime, he stays up late listening to Bullet For My Valentine extra loud on his iPhone, trying different shades of guyliner and coaxing his fringe over one eye.

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  1. Dan says:

    You know the any super hero The Cure reference’s in a love-song is gotta be some be one really emo nigga. But an emo nigga that can climb up walls and creep into our room is pretty wacky, a shame he’s so emo, it could be quite sexy.

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  2. spiderman and robin says:

    Hey Dan, Lullaby always had me wondering, not so much emo but a bit gay with Robert Smith getting munched on by Spiderman. Maybe not so much sexy as weird.

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  3. OptionalTarget says:

    what would one be without mahala

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  4. Zef Leopard says:

    Robert Smith is kief. I wore my sisters eye liner and a cross earing that I made from match stick to Kevin’s party in his dads garage. The chicks dig it.

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  5. arssamo aide says:

    EMA mahala

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