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Dig Dinosaur Dig

Dig Dinosaur Dig


KIF. Another fabulous Creationist fairytale. KAK. We’re 99% sure that this artwork was created by atheist hipsters, but just imagine how KIF it would be if this was the new brochure cover from the Creation Museum.

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  1. dwight says:

    KAK. Attaching ‘hipster’ to every single term on this site.

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  2. Lizzy says:

    i dont care who did it and why, i just like the spade being clutched by those litttle arms!

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  3. Andy says:

    but the word just works for us… try dig a reason for your reaction to the word out of those skinny jeans Dwight!

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  4. ling-ling says:

    thank God for atheist hipsters.

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  5. dwight says:

    The fact that it works for you doesn’t make it any less KAK. Do you justify wearing your power balance band by telling those who criticize it that it works for you and that they should pull a reason for their reaction out of their skinny jeans?

    But here’s my reason (pulled from my size 34 bootlegs )… By spamming the living shit out of the word it loses any meaning or applicability it may have ever had. What’s your next story going to feature? The Amish hipsters of Ohio or the NASA hipsters journeying to the ISS?

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  6. Andy says:

    34 length or waist? OK Dwigth, i’ll do my best to refrain from the terms “hipster” which is overplayed and “douche” which is sexist…

    damn but those two words just fit so many next gen whiteys i meet… ok time to get creative. Thanks for the challenge…

    oh as for power balance… how did you not check it?

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  7. dwight says:

    Thanks Andy, I’m sure you’re up to the challenge. 34 waist which serve as my skinnies. They call me hipster-potamus!

    I read the power balance repost under the best of 2010 section and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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  8. Slumtownhero says:

    They dug deep underground, like Chilean miners, and got stuck on purpose in an effort to capatilise on publishing royalties and advancements on their biographies. Sadly, because of their lack of opposable thumbs and short, stubby arms, their plans were thwarted.

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  9. Evil Gorilla Overlord says:

    *Big Monkey Whispers* I don’t think Dwight likes cheeky smarter-than-thou types. Prolly ’cause hipster rhymes with smarter.

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  10. o--kAne--o says:

    A couple of thousand years later P.H.Fat was born and educated the SA masses on the subject.

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  11. King Mob says:

    a song for mahala commentors, “i bet you think this article is about you, don’t you, don’t you, don’t yoooooou”

    And the dinosaurs were of Islamic faith , and were persecuted to death.

    no , i don’t really believe that, but it cracked me up right.

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