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Kif. A new viral campaign for the sequel to D9, DDTEN. I can’t wait.

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  1. snapper says:

    what the hell is green pollution? this reminds me of the guy at the shopping centre yesterday who asked me to “donate a little something to child abuse”………..

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  2. annonymous says:

    i’m regular reader of some non-descript blog, absloutecritiqueblogspot.com (i found your site there) , and they have had what i think to be the best description of this movie i’ve read online. i didnt enjoy this movie as much as you guys did, and found some of the argumements in it too easy. i cant wait for the day i watch a south african movie where the writing doesnt overtly rely on stereotypes to prop up the narrative, but we saffricans, where would be without our well worn sterotypes and ciches? anyway, i could do without the sequel, d9 did just enough bludgeon my delicate sensibilities. no thank you, i would not like some more please.

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  3. Minister says:

    Maybe the Prawns will return with a martian potato or beetroot that cures AIDS?

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  4. Roger Young says:


    I agree. If you read my review you’ll see that I’m not as enthusiastic as the other writers on this site. I wasn’t going to get into the using of stereotypes before everyone had seen it though. I am preparing a longer piece on how South Africans hove represented themselves in film this year to come out after the release of Shirley Adams and Skin. D9 will feature.

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  5. annonymous says:

    Roger, you should include “Disgrace” in that list

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