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Commodified Kak

Commodified Kak



Damn you Advanced Capitalism and your desire to make us pay for everything, including our most basic bodily functions. This is totally anti-Ubuntu. If you see one of these, jam the door open and free the loo.

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  1. RM says:

    You realise this is so that piss, shit and numerous other bodily fluids don’t end up coating every surface inside there, right?

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  2. Andy says:

    ag kak man! It’s so mall and garage owners offset the expense of paying someone to clean their toilets. But what shnoepness! I mean whenever I find one of these I think that the business owner is a complete poes. It’s like an irrevocable stamp of poes-heid.

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  3. kl3inki3 says:

    i come from europe and in many shopping centres you have to pay to use the loo its nothing new although what ticks me off in SA is you pay and theres no tp or no soap.

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  4. mjg says:

    @kl3inki3 – I agree with you. It is a bit kak to pay to poo but if I do then i expect it to be at least clean and hygenic!!!

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  5. kl3inki3 says:

    it is a good system to keep the bums out though —> the ppl who usually r known for leaving poo and pee everywhere

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  6. mr hanky the xmas poo says:

    @kl3inki3 – how do you make use of the facilities if you can’t take your bum in?

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  7. kl3inki3 says:

    bum = hobo

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  8. Anonymous says:

    this is kak

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  9. Poliwrath says:

    If you don’t like it, shit in front of the door.

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  10. wisedum says:

    crap in the urinal by way of protest!
    Kaka idea, we need free utilities everywhere, that employ people to keep them clean, just like in Europe – after all plumbers are paid to clean up kak, so why not have paid toilet attendants who bollock you if you dont do things properly?

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  11. jon monsoon says:

    i like the bit that says “Insert coin, turn and hold knob to the left..”
    that bit of advice is worth R2 (in a public urinal!)

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  12. Rubber says:

    What se Kak is this. Back in the old days it was a cent on Church Square. Inflationary Kak.

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  13. Feb kaka system 25 says:

    Hey ja i agr wit u guyz this bulshet we can’t 4 drty loo’s its jst a wst of money.mpumalanga kaka system.

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