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Kif or Kak

Call South Africa

by Haneef Tayob / 27.07.2011

KAK. Thanks to a long and sustained history airport baggage pilfering, South Africa now has a continental reputation. Even cellphone companies are poking fun at us. You can almost here them laughing from Tanzania, via Malawi to Nigeria. Nice work.

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  1. Richard says:


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  2. Lance Hardwood says:

    I LIKE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOw are you all today? I have no idea why I am posting this but no1 will see it any way, ssooooooo, wats up? or down, or left or right? well, only right if your name is Anders Brevik, no, I prefer the left way of life, “War does not determine who is right, war determines who is left” anywhoo, so, the other night I have this dream, and my friend gets up on stage and starts telling all these bad awkward jokes, and i get up on stage and tell a whole lot of jokes to save his ass, and the people love me, I then become a pro stand up comic, hence this little irrelev aant rant, now I am going to post this on many other comments sections, and see if I can become an “Online Comic”

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