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Big Wave Woolies


KIF. Woolworths goes Big Wave surfing! Seriously, and why the hell not. Why should the ‘surf’ fashion brands have a monopoly on exploiting surf culture? And if Mr Price has been doing it this long, why the hell can’t you?

Just a few small corrections there Woolies. Please tell the designer who came up with this tee, that they’ve only been surfing Dungeons since the 80s, so that whole ‘Since Nineteen Thirty One’ is about 50 years early. Oh and that groovy longboard and shortboard in your picture, with the blue sun setting like an SAPS badge, well I’m keen to watch you guys paddle Dungeons on those boards. But let’s not get all “stay out of Malibu Lebowski” on your kook asses. You’ll learn as you ago. And even though you’ve arrived at what kinda looks like the end of the party, there should still be some good mush in the corners of the trough, now go stick your snout in!

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