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Agang Skothane

Agang Skothane


KAK. We love a bit of spin, but calling Mamphela Ramphele a skothane after she publicly declared her wealth last week (and challenged JZ to do the same) is what we like to call taking the high horse on the low road.

“Together with South Africans, the ANC has been part of a progressive body of opinion in our society that believes in the need to inculcate values of humility and service amongst our people; discouraging the so-called izikhothane tendencies as demonstrated yesterday. The solutions to the challenges facing our country will not come from misguided populism but a dedication to the task at hand to build a better life for all.” Straight up KAK!

Read the ANC’s full response here.

*Image © Chris Saunders. Check his incredible series on skothane culture right here.

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  1. Zefron Zachary says:

    They’re finished, and they know it. Why else would a rational person in such a high position make such a useless comment?

    The ANC’s ‘broad church’ has become a cesspit filled with scum who are drinking and spending away the inheritance of everyone who ever fought for liberation. We’re finished with Zuma and every lying, theiving MP, Minister, DG and the underling sychophants who fill their pockets and faces with the hard-won state budgets meant to uplift our people.

    They are gangsters, finish en klaar – how else would you describe people who steal, lie and take hits out on those who seek to expose them? They’re no better than the Americans and hard Livings, and anyone who defends them is either deluded or in their pockets and paid to defend through agression and media-spun lies.

    Bring on Mam’ Ramphele’s A-game gang, we’re sick and tired of these ANC gangsters!

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