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Imagine a world where the images of sickly-skinny teenage girls parading the latest fashions down the catwalk were reserved for twee hand drawn billboards on the side of the road, and fuller, wholesome images of chunky African women in bright coloured clothing were what the fashion world actually aspired to… Just reminds us of that old John Lee Hooker song… “Big Legs, Tight Skirt”. And it’s KIF.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    False dichotomy.

    Encouraging lack of exercise, sloth, overeating.


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  2. Fatso says:

    Opposed to what? Surely you aren’t suggesting emaciated, scrawny and skeletal is more attractive??

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  3. Engel Laaier says:

    what a fucken song! You can really feel the horn

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  4. Anonymous says:

    are those nipples on the knees?

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  5. Krush Grapefruit says:

    Being fat is nothing to be proud of. It isn’t attractive, it isn’t sexy, it isn’t healthy, it isn’t to be desired. And this constant bullshit from the PC Brigade, like “oh, be fat and beautifull – skinny girls aren’t REAL women.” Whatta loada shit! Get the fuck up off your fat ass and go for a run. That goes for men and women.

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  6. Andy says:

    Krush ass have you picked up a copy of Marie Claire lately… most of those catwalk models are too skinny to be healthy too.

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  7. Krush Grapefruit says:

    Right, so which would you rather have – and be honest now – a really skinny girl or a really fat girl? if we’re dealing in extremes, which is idiotic to start of with, would you want someone closer to skinny and healthy, or closer to fatty and healthy?

    Let’s get something straight – being healthy, attractive, curvy, whatever – is desirable. Being grotesquely corpulent, like the women on this signboard is not – it’s a symbol of laziness, sloth, excess and its attraction is probably most obvious to fetishists.

    “wholesome images of chunky African women in bright coloured clothing were what the fashion world actually aspired to”

    Yeah, do see how stupid this is? You’re just reversing the game. Swapping one extreme for another.

    Also, why the sudden interest in traditionally unattractive fat, middle-aged African women? Is this some kind of counter-balance to the shitstorm that was raging in the Bantwana soccer team comment thread?

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  8. Andy says:

    it’s just a Kif or Kak… saw the billboard thought it was KIF. Like the illustration and representation. Thought of Marie Claire’s collection of sickly skinny models and reacted. Doesn’t go much deeper I’m afraid. I would always tend to err towards corpulence though. To quote Moto-Moto “I like em chunky… I like em round!”

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Andy i bet Grapefruit is a gay Indian with no pubes.

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  10. Krush Grapefruit says:

    Anonymous i bet Andy is a straight white guy with a bold spot.
    Don’t know which is worse…

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Sour Grapes mr. Grapefruit??

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  12. R says:

    Andy, please post a photo of your “bold” spot.

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  13. MJ says:

    @ Anonymous

    So you’re suggesting Krush Grapefruit is Gavin Rajah, then?

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  14. burp. says:

    U r all fat turds.

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  15. Melanie says:

    Wow burp, such a deep and obviously thought through comment. You are a great asset to mahala. Keep up the good work.

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  16. K says:

    Krush is right, even though it’s a kif piece of art.

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  17. Nthato says:

    AFRICAN clothes..contact ABDUL…….

    Gotta love the New South Africa…..what next

    For KIMONOS and YUKATA’s ..contact Sikhumbuzo

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