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An All White Affair

A Whites Only Affair?


KAK. Ravers from the East Rand obviously have no sense of history. Naming a rave that caters to a predominantly white audience, in Boksburg, “An All White Affair”, is clumsy to say the least. We just call it KAK.

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  1. R says:


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  2. vuyo seripe says:

    true Kak. I found myself there last year, fuck that shit it’s whack… who listens to rave anyway?????? I can never tell the songs apart!

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  3. Andy says:

    Oh yes… i mean it would be quite edgy if they were even aware of the irony, kind of like the Blacks Only comedy gigs… alas this is for reals

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  4. Duncan says:

    Typical… that’s all i’m saying.

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  5. freddied says:

    its just a name brightass… why you gotta bring race into it? if you know clubbing culture you’d know that white clothes is quite prominent (mister other people don’t know their history)

    btw, if you know h20, you’ll also know that its not just “rave”

    theres 4-5 dancefloors playing funky house, deep house, psytrance, commercial house(which changes to trance later at night) and even hip hop.

    so in other words, stop being a sensationalist twat.

    the only way we will ever get past the kak that goes on in this country is if people quit shouting racism every time something has the word white or black in.

    so your post, quite frankly, is KAK.

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  6. Justin says:

    Let’s get touchy about an event which does not racially discriminate or encourage discrimination but which requires a particular dress code. That’s very productive and politically mature.

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  7. Donal Davern says:

    H2O are kak. White clothes is kak too.

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  8. H2who? says:

    Mahala you’re scraping the barrel of trying to be controversial or opinionated or sensationalist. Who the fuck knows?

    H2O is not my bag either but clearly the marketing is about wearing white… which could be kinda sexy now that I think of it… all those babes in see-thru white bikinis wading in the water…

    Anyway I digress…. whilst H2o is 90% attended by whites there is NO whites only policy that I know of and so is Oppikoppi mainly white…. as is Rocking the Daisies, as is a Vortex….

    So what’s your point? They can’t have an “All White Affair”? as their dress theme?

    You’re sounding like Politically Correct twats to me.

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  9. H2who? says:

    but I guess your plan worked. I commented didn’t I?

    which is all you’re after I guess. Building up the comments and site activity.

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  10. kleh says:

    @h2who you’re about as moronic as the politically illiterate twats who came up with the party… if you can’t see the point of how “an all white affair” may be in bad taste you’ve got your head vert far up your illiterate arse.

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  11. H2who? says:

    wow, Kleh. You managed to insult me… not once.. but twice and you still missed the point.

    So from now promoters be warned. You can have ANY theme you want… for dress code or otherwise

    Just don’t make it WHITE, ‘cos to use the word WHITE these days means you’re a “politically illiterate twat”

    Better let Euphonik & Dj Fresh [both playing at event] know what they’re letting themselves in for!!!

    ‘cos idiots like Kleh will think they’re being politically insensitive too!!! shamepies.

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  12. freddied says:

    @ kleh, and whoever wrote this garbage (ie boys who cries racism)…

    its clothes damnit, not skin colour.


    how the *** else should they describe it?

    politically incorrect? since when does dress code have anything to do with politics?

    now, the rest of your beautiful phrase I will leave to describe you.

    have a good day

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  13. Andy says:

    we know that freddied it’s just the wording of it… so lacking in any sense of historic sensitivity. It’s not ironic. It’s not tongue in cheek. It’s just lazy copy. A few years ago most parties like this were “An All White Affair” by law. They can’t just gooi a phrase like that and expect it not to have any associative baggage. The language is pretty fucken far from neutral. I can’t believe I had to explain that.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    I think we’re all missing the real laugh here:

    “In sure to be a sight”

    Hahahahahahaha! There’s your lazy copy right there! There are your ‘illiterate twats’.

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  15. freddied says:

    @ andy.

    why should they be historically sensitive?

    jeez dude, its the past. lets try to put it behind us, where it belongs. why try to find racism under every rock and every corner. (in sure to be a sight is a monumental fail) but I don’t see why(except for sensation(media tribunal anyone ;))) “an all white affair” should even be posted here.

    if you search for the devil, you will find him everywhere.

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  16. BM says:

    Old East Rand rave revivalists are not a community who you wanna fuck with my charna…these are people that take Tiesto seriously

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  17. Andy says:

    Freddied it was a minor observation. A little nudge with the cattle prod of PC. The first thing I thought when I saw the flyer was “whoa dodgy!” These things, like manna, float into my inbox. Language defines our reality and it’s so loaded in this country, and cliques like “the rave scene” (does that even exist? Late night’s on 5FM would suggest that it does) are still largely ring-fenced by race and class and the living legacy of the group areas act. I guess I just find unwitting double meanings funny, especially when vacuous rave entertainment PR slips on the proverbial banana skin. I shouldn’t yield to these petty indulgences but I really can’t help it. If I’m not mistaken, the whole Vernon Koekemoer internet meme emerged from an H2O gig… just saying.

    BM’s comment has now made me nervous.

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  18. kideternity says:

    who gives a fuk ? rave sux , but wet chicks in white rock , as for all that politically correct BEE bullshit – so what !? an all “white ” affair could be quite refreshing

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  19. Anonymous says:

    W.T.F. I would so love to call you a prize twat right now Andy…but that would be an unconstructive personal attack…What next? ban the word white…ensure all new born white kids are stained at birth…? Historic sensitivity…jesus…I don’t see you whinging about the poor state of most of this countries pre-94 historic sites…

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  20. Chrisco says:

    Andy.. come now, you’re being ridiculous. Yes, it’s kinda funny.. and lacking irony – but really now, it’s pretty clear that it’s also plain innocent – if you don’t think so, it speaks more of your own prejudices against the East Rand party scene. I’m all for being sensitive to the past and the present, but this doesn’t mean we all stand around and laugh nervously when black comedians make fun of ‘white doods!’ and exclaim how BLACK they are (alright! wooo!) and then boo a white person for saying something that might, maybe, perhaps have a negative connotation for someone looking to find one.

    It’s a dress code, not a Klan get-together.. .

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  21. Anonymous says:

    P Diddy or Puff Daddy (whatever he goes by) has a white party every year…. where everyone dresses in white. I really dont think they intended to be racist.

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  22. Frikkie 5 says:

    Racists… If you look closely, the black girl was obviously taken out from the left of the picture. Without her, there is no balance anymore and the poster just feels all wrong… The inclusion of palm trees in the back is a subtle take that “coconuts” will be allowed; which if we are really honest here, are white on the inside. White white white white… The diamonds in the front, are most probably a reference to the “black diamonds”, the shock and horror; there are ladies walking over them! The copy to the right is obviously written by an Afrikaner, and dare I say, he was probably PAID for it too!

    Be still my beating heart… there is so much to be disturbed about here…

    I also have a lot to say about this so called rugby team the “All Blacks”. Im pretty sure that too has nothing to do with their kits but rather a racist agenda…

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  23. Theodoore Blakely says:

    Would your reaction have been the same was it an all black affair??

    Black guy: “Yo, whatsup White boy..”
    White guy: “Ah not much, and here black boy?”
    Black guy: ” U a racist”

    Stop turning everything into a racial debate!!

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  24. Rox Rex says:

    Tis about Understanding, you don’t disregard the Feelings of a Group of Individuals or People, just for your CONVENIENCE in saying, oi, Let us FORGET about that, no duh, history has you F—ing UP, you’d like that, but it’s like, wtf, have SOME Tact & Sensitivity, is aLL?

    Dress code is ONE THING, but you gotta know, whoever is doing this, STRUCK a NERVE

    So simple, it’s not even the WORDS, but the INTENT, rather, the MOTIVATION for SUCH Wording and Verbage

    NOTHING is Innocent, and to be Cavalier in acting as though NOTHING has happened in the past?

    Kinda DisrespectfuLL, and a LOT of attitudes in here, are QUITE on the DEFENSIVE

    No one is accusing anyone of ANYTHING, u’d just assume, EVERYONE here, by NOW, would understand WHY this would BE UPSETTING for SOME, u diggs?

    When your ANCESTORS were “GENOCIDED” Mass Murdered on a MASSIVE Scale

    Yeah, YOU Don’t get aLL BUTTHURT about THAT, and then we can talk


    Justice, mo-Fawkers, JUSTICE, and YOUR ignorance & apathy, not to mention SELFISHNESS is almost MORE Ridiculous than the POSTER

    the poster, like ANY Media ART, have SubliminaL & SuperliminaL Messages embedded, Whether INTENTIONALLY or NOT………………..

    You just know, within CONTEXT, to just Back away from EVEN going THERE, with Some Touchy SUBJECTS and VERBAGE, u diggs?

    Like the N-word, it’s just a Fucking WORD

    But the CULTURAL and CONTEXTUAL Subtext, has MEANING………………

    In OTHER WORDS: It’s a LOADED WORD? Phrase, Verbage: IT’S HEAVY

    and if NO ONE GETS That, ya’ll a bunch of MORONS for BEING SO INSENSITIVE

    and in DENIAL, no LESS, “Oh, that had NOTHING to do with ME”

    It has EVERYTHING to do, with ALL OF US

    If one man/woman/child SUFFERS, we aLL DO, pay the PRICE

    In some way or form, INJUSTICE Exists, then NO ONE IS FREE

    U diggs? That’s what we’re ARGUING about, hahahahaa………………..

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  25. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys..my name is Dave Forbes, the organizer of H2O…we played around with name ” An all white affair” for the party for a few weeks and we decided to go ahead with it – “An all white affair” – meaning ALL WHITE DRESS CODE???? Nowhere does race come into the equation… we really thought after 15 plus years of democracy everyone would get it….we do have a massive hip hop floor and if you had a look at our dj line up you would have seen that we have 2 djs from METRO FM ..not to mention FRESH,EUPHONIK, MLU & STERRA ON DRUMS… FRESH & EUPHONIK have there own floor – the F.eU floor. The word RAVE is so nineties, H2O is NOT A RAVE and has never been a rave…hence the name H2O PARTY! …We have 150 barmen at the event on the day, and believe me the crowd are not just drinking water…we have a huge police presence on the day for safety & security reasons…the event has been running for 10 years now and we are the best in the business…our biggest event was H2O AFRICA… and as for what drugs happen at what parties??? WTF??? You cant go to a certain party because supposedly the people don’t participate in the drug of your choice? sounds like you have a problem to me? … SANCA

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  26. Anonymous says:

    Hi guys……….

    Wow never knew there were so many dumb and backward people out there !! It’s an all white dress code, what is so hard to understand , it has absolutely nothing at all to do with racism, mat be you are the ones that still have an issue with it, get over your selves we are living in 2010!

    If you took 5 minutes to educate yourselves and do a bit of research or read the flyer of the event you will see that a lot of black people attend this event and the event organizers have got metro fm dj’s and fresh euphonic play at the event ??????? Like I said backward people with big mouths, get a life …..

    It’s gonna be a rocking party!!!

    In WHITE clothing …………

    Can’t wait !!!!!!

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  27. Anonymous says:

    It’s White clothing u morons!

    Grow up!

    Already got my White outfit, it’s going to be so so so awesome thousands of people in white clothing! Amazing

    Great idea, well done to the organizers for being so out there and bringing a party like this to our country!

    Well done Dave Forbes! U rock

    See u there .

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  28. Anonymous says:

    Definitely more kifs than kaks!

    Guess u lose.


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  29. H20 LOVER says:


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  30. Anonymous says:

    The guy who posted this is probably a malema freak and sees all things to be racist if he does not get something out of it…. i hate these post apartheid idiots… its over, now get over it…

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  31. Smiley says:

    Sounds to me like some black people have a problem with being black themselves…. Everything has to be a race issue to show how “hard done by” they are… Time to move on with your life if you are capable…

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