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a Kak Fake Tattoo

A Kak (Fake) Tattoo



That it’s not a tattoo, KAK that you, being such a fan, didn’t know the “a” in aKING is lower case. Oh, and KAK, because you’re a chop.

Pic © and courtesy Jono Jebus.

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  1. heavy says:

    well I doubt that he penned it himself. the only crime here are those blousy boxers with those saggy skinnies.

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  2. zing says:

    and plus koki pen is worse for you than a real chop

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  3. Ally says:

    They’re actually fake?

    Dude, we were convinced these were real pieces on the little douche’s back when we checked him walking around.

    Everybody did.

    Weak, I’ve been telling his tale the whole month.

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  4. mofo says:

    “Seriously. Dudes are just talking about bands they like.”

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  5. puked_on says:

    Do you not think this little wanker was just out to impress the real fans? The not quite school boy hair cut, saggy skinny jeans and blouse like boxers are pretty much the sign of a weekend rock fan, “I’m hardcore, but in like a very non-committal type way.”

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  6. Zol says:


    That it’s not a tattoo, KAK that you, being such a fan, didn’t know the “a” in aKING is lower case. Oh, and KAK, because you’re a chop.”

    so sorry anyone exists but you, aKING does not need any fans like you, chasing other fans away because of a capital letter,

    your the wanker

    ps, I couldnt care a flying fuck about AKING

    your still a wanker

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  7. Andy says:

    Zol – you are becomes you’re when abbreviated. Not your. Never your. Your is possessive, as in your KAK grammar.

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  8. HotBurn... says:

    Andy I doubt Zol (judging by his name and grammar) is a professional writer ‘ journalist. But I didn’t really expect to find professional writing on Mahala anyway… so give the guy a break…

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  9. Soul says:

    Shit, I heard from semi-reliable sources that the tattoos were real. At least he and his friends were telling people it was real. I, too, was telling his tale for a while now, very dissapointed to hear. Apparantly laudo and co walked up to him and asked him what the fuck he was thinking…

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  10. Jess says:

    This was taken at the Groot Gees Rock Fees. I was there and those tattoos are real! I even tried scraping it off his back. No jokes.

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  11. Andy says:

    Makes Waddy’s tattoos look pretty kif…

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  12. Yell says:

    He’s probably having the time off his life, or at least puberty of his life…

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  13. Gus says:

    Can anyone tell me if Waddy Jones’ (Ninja from “Die Antwoord’) tattoos are real?
    Cause I’ve seen some of their unofficial video’s and he had other tattoos on his left arm that is’nt there anymore since they’ve hit popularity on the internet?
    The prison type tattoo’s he has now is not on him when i saw the other tattoo covering most of his left shoulder.
    Can someone clarify? I am very sceptical about this.. and in “Enter the ninja” he has no gold teeth…

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  14. Thomas says:

    DUDES and DUDETTES… I’ve seen this ou at ramfest and at a vanfokkingtasties show! those tattoos ARE real! scary shit… way to prove what a dumbass he really is…

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  15. FanBase says:

    aKing tramp(douche) stamp 😛

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