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Zombie Killer

by Kavish Chetty / 12.04.2009

All muscles will tense; flesh will pale and your heart will erratically pulse in Morse code, the final signal a dull, perpetual S.O.S sent to your fingers. This is the tension, the terror and the suspense of a single round of Resident Evil 5. Thrust into the darkest jungles of Africa, wherein malignant, mutated monsters wield scalpels and axes, where ammunition is scarce, your back’s against the wall and the only hope of survival is that imaginary finger poised against the trigger. Players will navigate dust-flecked shantytowns, marshland tribes; will fight tentacled horrors of the ocean and winged horrors of the sky. All the while transported via the most crystal-clear, lush graphics our current generation of consoles has to offer.

The most exciting aspect of this long-awaited latest in the stalwart series is the option to play through the entire game in offline, split-screen co-operative. Taking control of both muscle-bound Chris Redfield and the lissome Sheva Alomar, just imagine, if you will, the sheer pleasure of playing through ten hours of adventure with a friend; the frenetic pace of the action is unmatched. So, to wield pistols, shotguns and sniper rifles against Umbrella Corporation in this action-packed dynamo of a videogame; to find the deep secrets undergirding the Uroborus Project and the familiar faces behind it all; to significantly sever your ability to sleep for the next few weeks… Resident Evil 5 – there is no substitute.


8   2