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Die Fascist Scum

Die Fascist Scum!

by Kavish Chetty / 28.04.2009

Sony’s long promised prophecy of videogame mastery has come true with the release of Killzone 2. A frenetic, fast-paced first-person shooter, Killzone 2 places you into the trenches and behind the barricades of the Helghan home planet; an inhospitable terrain of churned earth, lightning ravaged sky and the fascist Helghan army, imposing and severe. It’s through this less-than-friendly atmosphere that the player must navigate, slaughtering thousands.
Killzone 2’s indiscreet charm lies in the gloriously realised spectacle of violence – its excellent aesthetics and architecture transport you perfectly into its world. The shuddering blasts of rockets and grenades are captured in stereo, the control system allows you to feel the sluggishness of wielding a weighty rifle; most entertaining of all, is that each battle has been co-ordinated to reward just the right balance of strategy and unbarred trigger-squeezing.
From your bumpy arrival onto the beaches of the Corinth River, through the apocalyptic cities and academies, past the deserted desert wastelands – Killzone 2 is a master-class of first-person action; the PS3 exclusive to make all owners of the X-Box 360 a little green in the eyes.

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