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Waves are Mahala

by Andy Davis / 30.03.2010

Mahala Surf Co. is our non-profit surf company. We exist to empower underprivileged groms through the culture of surfing.

We create unique surf products, ethically, using the finest natural materials. All our profits get pumped back into the Mahala cause to assist underprivileged kids get into the waves and contribute in the culture of surfing.

A huge part of what we do at Mahala is collect and distribute of old surf equipment. We deliver it to community run surf schools in Jeffreys Bay, Cape Town, Transkei and Kwazulu Natal.

To donate your old surfboard click here and let us know where to collect it.

Mahala works with these communities developing skills training pertaining to the surf industry as well as by offering them a means of income by creating and selling Mahala Surf products.

Mahala is an open door Surf Co. We’re constantly looking at ways of doing what we do better, bigger and more effectively. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas and get involved.

Waves are Mahala

All these pics are from the Iliza Surf Academy in Port St Johns in the Eastern Cape. We’ve been supporting them with boards and wetsuit donations. So far several  kids from the surf school have represented the Border region at the South African Grommet Games and SA Champs surfing competitions.

2009 has been a rough year for the Iliza Surf Academy. There have been 2 fatal shark attacks at 2nd Beach within six weeks of each other. The last attack took the life of Iliza surfer Luyolo Mangele. Now we’re raising money to get these kids some Shark Shields – electronic devices that deter sharks.

If you feel like helping out you can do so in a few different ways. 1st off you could buy a t-shirt. All the money goes to the Mahala Surf Co, which is entirely non profit. Otherwise you can contact andy@mahala.co.za to make a donation of old surf equipment or perhaps some cold hard cash.

Ride the big one!

Waves are Mahala

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