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Verb presents Music Saved My Life


It’s time to hand out some killer free merch again! Verb is launching an awesome project called Music Saved My Life. They’ve teamed up with local musicians, designers etc  to bring you a series of sick, super limited edition skateboards inspired by your favourite S.A musicians. And of course they’ve given us 4 board & tshirt combos, exclusively for Mahala reader. Want in? Here’s what to do:

– Get on Facebook.

– Like the Verb fanpage.

– Get over to our Facebook page and show us why one of these badass hampers should be yours. Get creative, design something, take a photo, write us a love letter, spam your friends, beg for it, but however you choose to show us how much you want it, remember to tag Mahala and Verb.

*We’ll choose 2 winners a week, first winners will be announced on April 5, second winners will be announced on April 12. Competition closes on April 11. Go go go!


MUSIC SAVED MY LIFE (MSML) is a project started by Verb as a way of connecting creative people who are excited about making their art and supporting a good cause at the same time. It makes sense that a brand like Verb would be inspired by music; the innate and shared passion that is found so strongly in so many people – not just musicians. Verb is, after all, about creativity, with skateboarding as a metaphor for that.

The MSML series pairs up (mostly local) talent – musicians, artists, designers and illustrators, to create a limited edition series of skateboards, t-shirts and tote-bags. A portion of the money raised from the sale of the products will be donated to the Sign Language Education and Development (SLED); the idea being, as Verb explain, “We can now use the music that we love so much to aid those who aren’t able to hear it.”

The MSML collaboration features the following:

Die Antwoord – Ninja

Fokofpolisiekar – Louis Minnaar

Zebra & Giraffe – Alice Edy

The King Blues – Wes van Eeden

Fuzigish – Merwe Marchand Le Roux

The Verb x Music Saved My Life series launches nationwide at TOFFIE POP 2012, 30 March – 1 April.

Purchase the series online at www.RevolutionOnline.co.za



Verb - Die Antwoord

Verb - Fokofpolisiekar

Verb - Zebra & Giraffe

Verb - Fuzigish

Verb - King Blues

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