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Tumi And The Volume On Tour

Tumi And The Volume On Tour Freebie


Tumi And The Volume are about to kickstart their nationwide tour and we have the tickets. Loads of them. Just for you. There are SIX gigs across country and we have THREE double tickets to give away for each gig. Want some? Here’s what you gotta do: Like Tumi And The Volume on Facebook if you haven’t already, go to Mahala’s Facebook page, post a big fat wall post about Tumi And The Volume and remember to tag them in the post and tell us which gig you want tickets for. That part is very important. Winner’s will be announced on ASAP so get your entries in early.

Tumi And The Volume SA Tour dates:

10th June – JHB, MTV Brand New w/ Zakes Bantwini
11th June – PTA Tings ‘n Times – w/Zaki Ibrahim
15th June – Youth Day Festival JHB (venue tbc)
16th June – JHB Tanz Café – w/Zaki Ibrahim
17th June – DBN, Unit 11 – w/The La Els
18th June – CPT, Assembly – support acts TBC

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  1. Icedoctor says:

    After Montle’s comments in the SAMA CD article…i now see why u have LOADS of tickets to give away!! 🙂

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  2. Reduce the Volume says:

    After hearing about the way he treated the crowd the last time he was in pta, I wont be suprised if tings is empty that night…

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  3. Grifter says:

    tell us that story Reduce the Volume… what happened?

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  4. Reduce the Volume says:

    It started off with him not wanting to perform his older material because in his words:
    I am no longer underground, have you not seen the car I drives now?

    He then suggested that we just enjoy the performance because he is giving us our R40 worth.

    In my opinion it was R40 too much
    -he struggled to remember lyrics
    -continuosly cut the band off when they would play a song that he was not interested in performing
    -and was simply unimpressive

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  5. Slindo says:

    Reduce The Volume, I was at that show and Tumi was completely being sarcastic, he said they hadn’t played the old material in years and admitted he didn’t even remember the lines. The R40 thing was also a joke, if I remember clearly, they even played an encore to what seemed like a receptive audience, at least I thought they were great. Check us out on amakipkip. WordPress.com

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  6. Anonymous says:

    I think that there is a fine line between being sarcastic and being condescending. I was also there and I did find myself taking offence to some of the comments.
    But truth be told – test week or not – I will be there at 20:05 to watch this genius in action.

    Good music out weighs a bad attitude any day.

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  7. will says:

    cape town gig was empty.

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  8. Sizwe says:

    Cape Town gig put the most black people in Assembly i have ever seen. So ja, in Will’s opinion it was definitely empty, I mean black people don’t matter no how.

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