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Charles Glass

The Moustache of Charles


Last 2 days to scoop your free beer. FREE BEER! There, we said it. Now listen up. All you have to do to get your hands on several case of Castle Draught Lagers and some fresh new Craig Native T-shirts is grow your own moustache, then crack open a Castle Lager, or get Lofty to pull you a fresh draft, with a nice foamy head. Drink yon beer and make sure the foam gets caught up in your man fuzz and get one of your mates to take a picture.

Upload the picture to Mahala’s Facebook Page or email it here. Best photos (displaying bushiest and foamiest moustaches) win.

1st Prize: Craig Native T-shirts for you and SEVEN mates and THREE cases of Castle Draught in a bottle.

2nd Prize: Craig Native T-shirts for you and FIVE mates and TWO cases of Castle Draught in a bottle.

3rd Prize: Craig Native T-shirts for you and THREE mates and ONE case of Castle Draught in a bottle.

Castle Lager

Here it is again, numbnuts.

– Purchase a Castle Lager, Castle Draught or Castle Draught in a bottle
– Pour into a glass the Castle Lager, Castle Draught or Castle Draught in a bottle, ensuring that a healthy head is created in the process
– Drink the Castle Lager, Castle Draught or Castle Draught in a bottle and let the froth completely cover the moustache
– Take a picture of foamy face and post it to our Facebook or email it direct.
– The bushier the moustache, the more likely you are to scoop the prize
– Repeat the process above as many times as possible in order to get the best photos and post as many as possible.

Competition ends at the end of the month. Winners will be notified directly.

Sorry laaities – No Under 18s allowed.

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  1. gonzo nowhere says:

    Is this what Mahala has come to? A kak competition for a kak brand bandwagonning an even kakker initiative.

    Please tell me its not true. Or there is some dark humour behind this I’m just not getting. Where are the kak Castles banner ads they get in exchange for product?

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  2. Andy says:

    Dear gonzo nowhere thanks for being a idiot. If you want some free beer enter the competition. If you don’t then don’t. But don’t get all snide for organising a free beer promotion for our people, many of whom choose to rock moustaches year round, for free, gratis and mahala!

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  3. gonzo nowhere says:

    Thanks Andy, I’d rather carry on being a idiot. Feel free to remove my comment if you feel it undermines you noble initiative.

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  4. goat says:

    Numbnut se poes. fuggenhel, repeating competition entry procedures? wtf?

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  5. Mary-Anne says:

    You know what, the biggest problem with Mahala is the reactionary douchebags who comment without thinking. You’d think these people would be happy that the site goes out there to negotiate deals like this. 3 crates of lager goes a long way in summer. And it’s published under a section of the site called Freebies. What did you expect gonzo? A polemic. A tirade against alcoholism and drunk driving? It’s a free beer competition.

    Really I don’t get what you’re complaining about. I think you must be lonely and enjoy being the fly in the ointment. Is this a kind of left wing lite attention seeking? And if the beer hook up funds more Mahala magazines and stories like the Sushi King and Mlungu Muti – well more power to them!

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  6. James_T says:

    Dude… I’d do a load of stuff for free beer!

    I can’t believe people are complaining about a competition to win free beer… Under the competition section of the site… Jesus H Christ… What is the world coming to!

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  7. Andy says:

    jissus sometimes I’m ashamed of the lame-asses who appear on these message boards. But that’s our commitment. We don’t delete the comments, even when people are overly cynical or suspicious of free beer.

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  8. gonzo nowhere says:

    yeah, only pseudo lame-asses use pseudonyms anyway

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  9. gonzo nowhere says:

    robbed of the fuckwit title?

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  10. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Mahala for this competition. I have submitted a number of pics….I gotta get my hands on that Craig Native wear and taste castle draft in a bottle

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  11. bearded lady says:

    Isn’t this competition rather sexist? I mean, how many of the fairer sex stand a chance in this? Other than our circus sisters naturally.


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  12. Cougar says:

    You girls can take pics of your sexy brazillians… beer foam optional… If I win the case of beer Ill share with the best looking brazilian 😉

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  13. Andy says:

    try us bearded lady… reckon you’re in with a chance. send the pics

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  14. ShamelessLad says:

    Have any of you actually had the Castle Draught… It’s freakin awesome!

    I’m actually not really a Castle Drinker (more of a black label man) but a bucket full of these the other day while watching the rugby… Man life doesn’t get much better!

    Oh and COUGAR, for the record, I’m definatly keen to see the woman contest!

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  15. Peter says:

    Wow! Never thought I would see that picture again. I made that commercial around 1978 and my broer bought me a tin tray with that image on it. Made about 6 Castle ads over about 8 years playing Charles. Wish SAB would put them up on YouTube I would love to see them again. Peter Cartwright

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