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Taxi Violence

Taxi Violence – The Turn


Taxi Violence have just released their full length album The Turn. Win it here for mahala (from Mahala) just send us an email. First come first served…

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  1. caveat emptor says:

    are they giving this away for free because nobody in their right mind would spend money on it? its not just that the songs are ordinary and derivative, but defintely because the production and sound quality on this album are so shockingly bad. how can a established and reputable label like sheer sound allow something so poorly put together to be released on an unsuspecting public who must then spend their hard earned money on something that is very close to unlistenable?

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  2. Blood_Young says:

    So, caveat emperor, you must obviously like (and listen to and pay for) Seether’s latest load of main stream bollocks. The Turn, my ill adjusted friend, should be considered as one of the best sophomore albums by any SA band the past decade. But I do not expect someone as well informed as you – with educated comments like “ordinary” and “derivative” and “defintely” (is there even such a word in the English language?) “shockingly bad” – to foster any affection for an album that not only sets the standard for honest, no-frills rock in South Africa, but is right up there with the best international acts of this genre. So go on then… Seether away, spend your Nickelback on something else and drown in a Puddle of Mud.

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  3. JS says:

    The guy’s name is Caveat Emptor (not caveat emperor) which is latin for “the buyer beware”…

    Somehow I don’t think that this cat is: A) Uninformed or uneducated (as Blood Young implies) or B) A Nickelback fan…

    So if anybody disses your favourite band and doesnt like their album they are therefor “Seether fans” or “ill adjusted”? Wow, how mature!

    That’s like implying that Blood Young must be a Rob Patterson adoring, Twilight loving fanboy because he has the words ‘blood’ and ‘young’ in his name… It’s a stretch!

    But then again….

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  4. caveat emptor says:

    there are lots of responses like the one above on south afrcan comment spaces. you express an opinion or offer evidence that someone doesn’t like so they immediately assume that you like all the stuff that they don’t, particularly the things that are more universally associated with poor taste. just because i argue a basic level of production and sound quality does not mean that i only like things that are overproduced, more commercial and less gritty. i very much doubt that blood-young is psychic to the point of being able to guarantee that i do like those bands.
    so i’m not going to respond by suggesting that youngblood is associated with band or the sheer label. the issue here has more to do with what people can hear for themselves if they do some simple comparisons.
    if you have “the turn”, play it on your hifi alongside tracks from similar sounding bands such as qotsa or kings of leon. notice a difference? check out that tv song after the choral gospel-styled interlude near the front of the album. does it sound a little crappy in comparison even though you may like the musical ideas behind the sound? maybe taxi violence were going for a more ‘vintage’ approach and the comparison is not valid? okay then, play it alongside twenty year old recordings from the pixies, thirty year old stuff from the clash or forty year old stuff from jimi hendrix. does something still not sound right? even robert johnson’s tracks from the ’30s sound easier on my ears than anything on the turn.
    all of this could have been avoided if someone with a bit of experience in the industry had stepped in and suggested some improvements rather than trying to make a quick buck off a shoddy-sounding offering. where was the sheer label and their self-professed focus on “quality” product throughout this process?

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  5. Blood_Young says:

    Dudes/dudettes – CV and JS that is – first off, rest assured: I am in no way related to T.V. or Sheer. The record company I’ve heard of and I do like the band’s music – the lyric and melody – for I believe it has the qualities that very few rock bands in SA have. So in terms of “production and sound quality on this album are so shockingly bad”, as The Buyer Beware (thanks JS) so eloquently put it: I disagree. I think the album sounds great, the songs have potent wall of sound-moments – there are no sell-out, sound-like tunes, no ass-kissing radio friendly ‘hits’. Trying to compare it with, say, a Kings of Leon album (or Queens of of the Stone Age for that matter) is a futile exercise. Taxi Violence – in my humble opinion – does not have to be compared to anything out there… they are good enough to BE out there. They are not my favourite band by a long shot – Sonic Youth, Pavement, Sebadoh and Wolfmother get the honours, amongst others – but locally (as a South African) I don’t think they have their equall.

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  6. Plato says:

    I find the debate about The Turn thusfar rather stimulating on an intellectual level. Having listened to the album, it is in my view a very well produced piece of work with some excellent original compositions. Although I have to concede that it may not be everybody’s cup of tea, for me it is a good mix of relentless rock music interspersed with moody and catchy melodic pieces and supported by reflective and meaningful lyrics. I only started to really appreciate its nuances after playing it a third and fourth time.
    Staying with the Latin theme introduced by Caveat Empor I can only agree with Pliny when he stated: ex Africa semper aliquid novi (there is always something new out of Africa). In this case it is a groundbreaking new album by Taxi Violence.

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  7. djf says:

    Would anyone on the Mahala crew like to review this album now?

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  8. Andy says:

    Just as soon as we get our hands on a copy…

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  9. Blood_Young says:

    maybe Caveat Emptor can organise you a copy from the record company? After all, it is he once that wrote: “how can a established and reputable label like sheer sound allow something so poorly put together to be released on an unsuspecting public who must then spend their hard earned money on something that is very close to unlistenable.”
    If you have no luck, I will gladly lend you my well-used copy, appreciated and bought copy(as long as I get it back)!

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  10. djf says:

    Maybe Blood_Young could write that review and take a bit more time to explain exactly why he thinks the album is so special?

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  11. ml says:

    Congrats people… this is a fine example of the kind of healthy debate we should be having more of; sometimes vigorous, often opinionated, but always respectful of differing views.

    Taxi Violence have carved a well-deserved niche into the psyche of the rock-loving population of Cape Town and (hopefully) beyond. Their reputation as the quintessential balls-to-the-wall live act with few equals is well known and widely appreciated, yours truly included. Their songs themselves, including most on the new album, confirm their talent.

    But I do agree that certain questions have to be asked about the production of The Turn and the – to some degree – watering down of some of the gutsier deliveries we associate with their stage performance. If this is a deliberate strategy to perhaps gain the long-denied airplay, fair enough, but to me anyway, Taxi Violence = gutsy, somewhat angsty, tell-it-like-it-is rock – and this offering doesn’t quite do it for me.

    And yes, I’m genuinely interested in what makes it so special for some fans…

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  12. Al says:


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  13. Muso says:

    Try examining it from a different angle; compare it to anything IN South Africa. This wasn’t produced or recorded overseas.

    I haven’t heard the album yet, but I can tell you they deserve credit for their live performance of the same tracks. How do you depict a 6’7″, cowboy-firefighter dressed in a metallic suit, firing off sparks from his angle grinder into a frenzied crowd on a recording anyway?

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  14. supa says:

    [ Al says:
    September 9, 2009 at 5:04 pm

    was that you, Al?

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  15. uhuru says:

    ek dink die album is die seks

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  16. Downtown Rabbi says:

    Mahala is giving the album away for free but can’t do a review. Colour me confused.

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  17. Downtown Rabbi says:

    Not complaining though! Giveaways are awesome.

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  18. Violent objector says:

    Blood Young

    You are obviously passionate about Music and would go out and Buy anything. Lets face half of SA do that Daily with all the foreign Crap that floats around.

    I have to say whilst being in the industry for 30 years and a firm fan of Taxi Violence their latest offering has flaws. Predominately in the mastering of the album. Please check out their previous offering and re listen to The Turn and you will notice a definite dullness in the album quality. I must stress that I have not come across anyone who says any different yet.

    I believe bands in this country are a bit too precious about their material and therefore shy away from outside producers casting an external eye on their work. This leads to average album production of otherwise brilliant material.

    Too many people fans and industry types included tend to praise all SA offerings without crit and this is detrimental to our progression in the pursuit of International recognition.

    Lets accept critical comments and improve.

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  19. caveat emptor says:

    violet, you definitely speak my language.

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  20. bowser says:

    Late post a year later but I was just listening to them now….

    Yeah I gotta agree with the posters that said the production was a bit weak. It’s a pity ’cause I really dig this band, see them often, and love the music. It’s not the songs, it’s the levels or an unbalanced mix or something. Sounds tinny, like they were all converted to poor quality MP3. Turning it up brings out so much treble it kills the vocals and one doesn’t feel the strength of his voice. Previous album sounded better. Wish they’d got someone more pro to take care of the technical side of it because they are pure talent. Maybe they’ll re-master it one day…

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