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Freebies - Taxi Violence and The Plastics Video Launch

Taxi Violence and The Plastics at Zula Bar


This Friday night both Taxi Violence and The Plastics will be launching their new music videos at Zula Bar. We’ve got two tickets and we’re making it easy for you. All we want you to do is tag Taxi Violence, The Plastics and Mahala in a post on Mahala’s Facebook page then get your friends to like your post. That’s it. The two posts with the highest amount of likes at the end of the week will each win a set of tickets to the event.

Maybe a first? A double music video launch in Cape Town…

The Plastics will be launching the music video for ‘Caroline’ and Taxi will be launching the vid for their second single from the unplugged album, ‘Long Way From Home’ (starring Big Head).

It promises to be a good night filled with surprises!

Cover: R40

With support from LaVi.

Albums and other merch for sale on the night!

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  1. Ana Nix says:

    Awesomeness…would be super amazing if these tickets rocked my way! Gonna be an epic night!

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  2. Bianca says:

    Post your comment on Mahala’s Facebook page and the tickets are yours!

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  3. Ana Nix says:

    awesome, just posted a comment on FB! Fingers and toes crossed:)

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  4. Ana Nix says:

    rad you guys rock! gonna partay tonight 🙂

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