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Mahala Surf Co.

Surf for Free!


Howzabout you give us something for a change? Get involved! Donate your old surfboard to the Mahala Surf Co.

As you know, we at Mahala run a philanthropic, non-profit surf company that basically collects and distributes second hand surf equipment to disadvantaged communities. We link with a number of grass roots surfing initiatives from Cape Town to Mozambique and assist with surf equipment and other advocacy work.

For many of these kids getting their hands on a surfboard is like a huge fibreglass intervention, diverting them away from negative influences like gangs, drugs and crime -so rife in these impoverished communities. Surfing is an activity that requires discipline and focus. It is both time consuming and immerses them into the natural environment. And once hooked, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities. Get involved. Donate your time, skills moolah or just your old surf equipment to the Mahala Surf Co.

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