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The Supra Wrap

Supra The Wrap Freebie


Last chance to land some of these killer kicks! Supra have just brought out The Supra Wrap and we have three pairs to give away. They come in 12 colours so we want to know which colour you want and why. Tell us on our Facebook page and get your friends to like your post. At the end of the week the post with the most likes and the best reason will win a pair of Supra The Wrap. We’ll have one winner every week so you’ve got some time to think of a winning entry. Get creative, people! We know how badly you want these sneaks.


The Supra Wrap is a modern update to a classic low top silhouette featuring a unique two-piece canvas construction, single wrapped foxing and vulcanized outsole construction. Available in twelve colours.

Founded in 2006, Supra has quickly emerged as one of the leading independent footwear brands globally. Supra is recognized around the world for its groundbreaking silhouettes, unique combination of materials and dynamic colour stories.

Originally born from Southern California skateboard culture, Supra has been able to remain firmly committed to its roots, while simultaneously branching out to offer compelling and functional products to a much broader international

The Wrap is available from Baseline Studio in Cape Town, Mafia Sole in Joburg, Fantasy in Joburg, Boogaloos stores nationwide and online at RevolutionOnline.co.za


The Supra Wrap - Yellow
The Supra Wrap - White
The Supra Wrap - Red
The Supra Wrap - Purple
The Supra Wrap - Orange

The Supra Wrap - Charcoal
The Supra Wrap - Brown
The Supra Wrap - Blue
The Supra Wrap - Black

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  1. Jon says:

    SUPRA WRAP – they have the famous 3-piece SUPRA construction and feels like BUTTER under the feet. Puts VANS, CONVERSE in the dust!

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  2. Richard says:

    I want Grey. Because I’m colour-blind. They all look grey actually. So any colour.

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  3. Garth Pedersen says:

    If I could choose any I’d go for the light grey.. But also love the purple. They are truly amazing and suit my personality type. They say purple is the colour of royalty and also sexual frustration. I have the royalty but maybe if you guys give me a pair of those supra shoes I will have more luck in the ladies department!

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  4. lara says:

    I want the purple ones. As a party girl I’m always looking for something that looks and feels good. Trail blazing takes its toll on your shoes and it helps having sneakers that can keep up. Besides bright purple shoes are a good conversation starter 🙂

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  5. nissim says:

    do they make shoes for heterosexuals too?

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  6. Anonymous says:

    +1 for Richard

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  7. murraybiscuit says:

    light gray. it reminds me of my gray tracksuit my mom made me when i was 8. it had a big toucan sewn onto it and i wore that thing with pride like a small town kid should.

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  8. freddied says:

    hey guys, when do we know who won?

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  9. Nicolene says:

    Uhm kinda cause im IN-EFFING-LOVE with those shoes… and I told my Boyfriend that its over cause those shoes will be my next boyfriend(s)… I would rock those in any colour but the black ones is like sex to my eyes… They deserve to be with me 😀

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  10. christian says:

    hey mahala
    i’d like a green pair cos my surnames green & also cos the earth is green 🙂
    green is good

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  11. Phoebe JackDaniels says:

    I’d love a pair of Purple Supra Wrap,
    I’ll wear it with my jeans and cap.
    Any other brand of shoe is just plain wack.
    JB was rocking their shoes, what a fly cat.
    Purple or Black Supra Wrap, here’s a round of applause, everyone clap.
    If you need to feel royal, you have a crown on your shoes (Check the logo ya’ll)
    These shoes are inspiring I think I’ve found my muse. WHAAAT
    Usually it’s the Americans with the best shoes,
    But now Mahala is hooking us up with a variety to choose.
    I’d love them in all the colours for ever day of the week,
    I’m a Supra fan, just one of those freaks.
    P.s Purple is the colour of royalty and it ties in well with the logo 🙂

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