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  1. pc says:

    old south african colours….nice- are these like the knights of the kkk

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  2. sleaze says:

    yeah I am guessing that they trying to be post Apartheid ironic , but since most of them are less than one generation removed from the bastards that regimented racism, they need hellova lot more contrition before they can go down the path.

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  3. Pierre Greeff says:

    iits puple white and orange…jeepers…dont you know that it used to be oranje, blanje , blou…or in english terms turquoise!wow…much to say about nothing hey.

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  4. mzansi says:

    No Pierre, I can’t agree. Those colours should remind everyone of the old flag – especially in the context of Afrikaans music. Don’t know what this graphic designer was thinking. We are ready to joke around with the Voortrekker monument, but this is not yet funny. Sies!

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  5. siestog says:

    I think it looks pretty cool. Didn’t see the irony in it at all. What the hell is wrong with you people! hahahahahahahahaha

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  6. Morton says:

    Jeebers guys. There is a picture of an (almost entirely) naked guy on the left, and you get offended at the fact that the logo reminds you of the old South African flag.

    I think it’s you who needs to think about what you’re thinking and why it pushes *your* buttons before getting all oversensitive on our asses.

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